Sex Doll Dominique 163cm - H Cup
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Ready-To-Ship Specs

  • Height:5 ft 4 in / 163 cm
  • Weight:112.4 lbs / 51 kg
  • Bust:38 in / 96 cm
  • Waist:26.5 in / 67.5 cm
  • Hip:44.5 in / 113 cm
  • Oral depth:4.7 in / 12 cm
  • Vaginal depth:7.1 in / 18 cm
  • Anal depth:5.9 in / 15 cm
  • Foot length : 21 cm
  • Shoulder Width : 42 cm
  • Material: TPE

About Sex Doll Dominique

In 2024, the big tits sex doll Dominique can be why you wake up with a smile early in the morning and rush home from work. She can be your life purpose. She can make you complete. The Dominique sex doll can open a world of pleasure you have not known about before.

This ultra-realistic sex doll is designed with one purpose- to look and feel like a real girl. She may not move or speak like the hotties in Westworld, but everything else is spot on. The Dominique sex doll is the latest step of the evolution of sex dolls. Her makers used the finest possible materials to achieve her level of authenticity. Moreover, you can even order custom changes so that she truly becomes the woman of your dreams. You can customize practically anything on her, starting with her breasts, breast nipples, vagina, eyes, mouth, skin tone, etc.

If you are even willing to spend some extra bucks, she can moan and increase her body temperature as soon as your foreplay takes the next step. Customization can also allow her to stand on her two feet for some stand-up action.

Dominique’s Story 

Dominique was always shy. While shy in public, she was something else while alone with others. That something else got her kicked out of her home when she was barely legal. This poor girl got kicked from home when she got caught making sweet love with her much older neighbor. 

They taught that sending her to an all-girls college would straighten her out. Everyone thought she finally started controlling her lust and desires for a while.

But, boy oh boy, how wrong they all were.

One sunny day she was caught getting pleased by two other girls. In a matter of days, she was banished from college and left on her own. The two other girls wanted to leave the college with her, but their wealthy families made sure they didn't.

That is why poor Dominique needs a new place to call home and someone to take care of her. She doesn't mind being left alone at home on her own. She promises never to leave you and stay loyal for as long as you have her.

Are you the one that will write the next chapter of her story?

Top Features

  • Dominique is made of top-quality TPE that feels like human skin. You won’t be able to distinguish whether you are touching a real person or a sex doll.
  • Her ultra-realistic appearance is achieved with the help of a proprietary production technique.
  • The Dominique Sex Doll comes with a titanium skeleton which enables her to be placed in all sorts of positions for maximum enjoyment.
  • With proper maintenance, she can preserve her amazing looks for many years.
  • Even though she appears fragile and feminine, she is made from tear-resistant material.
  • Dominique has eyes only for you and no one else. She asks for nothing and gives all of herself in return.

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