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    Denise - G Cup

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    ✔ High quality material gives her an extra soft feeling like a real girl so that you can enjoy some REAL fun with her.

    ✔ She is ULTRA REALISTIC thanks to the magnificent production technique.

    ✔ High quality materials makes her hard to be torn, which means she will share joy and happiness with you for a long time.

    ✔ Titanium Skeleton allows her to bend with different positions, which means you can try some positions you have never tried before!

    ✔ She is 100% loyal to you and will never cheat on you, which means you don’t have to worry about getting heartbroken.

    ✔ Production will be started within 24 hours after we received your order

    ✔ You can customize her in the above section so that she will be your unique girl. By default, the options are the same as the product images.

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