Black Male Sex Doll Floyd

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Why Buy From Wonder Doll

✔ High quality material gives her an extra soft feeling like a real girl so that you can enjoy some REAL fun with her.

✔ She is ULTRA REALISTIC thanks to the magnificent production technique.

✔ High quality materials makes her hard to be torn, which means she will share joy and happiness with you for a long time.

✔ Titanium Skeleton allows her to bend with different positions, which means you can try some positions you have never tried before!

✔ She is 100% loyal to you and will never cheat on you, which means you don’t have to worry about getting heartbroken.

✔ Production will be started within 24 hours after we received your order

✔ You can customize her in the above section so that she will be your unique girl. By default, the options are the same as the product images.

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Ready-To-Ship Specs

  • Height:5 ft 9 in / 175 cm
  • Weight:119 lbs / 54 kg
  • Bust35.5 in / 90 cm
  • Waist : 30 in / 76 cm
  • Hip : 39 in / 99 cm
  • Arm length : 71cm
  • Shoulder width : 47cm
  • Calf circum : 36cm
  • Thigh circum : 56cm 
  • Leg length: 84cm
  • Foot length: 27cm
  • Carton : 156x46x36cm
  • Material: TPE

About Black Male Sex Doll Floyd

Meet your boxing champion who aims to turn all those cold and long nights into steamy ones. He is no ordinary black male sex doll. He is the superhero that can fight off your loneliness and start a new fire in you. This handsome and muscular stud is undoubtedly equipped to make that happen for you.

This perfectly shaped black sex male doll looks like he is ready to jump and fight for you at any moment. But when it is you and him alone, he turns into a sex beast. You can treat him as aggressive or like a tamed beast. He can be whatever you like him to be, and nothing is off-limits.

His body can move with you while you enjoy every bit of it. And yes, he can go on for as long as you like. He doesn't get tired and bored. He will never disappoint you, and he has eyes only for you. Clean him, look after him, and you can enjoy his company for many years. Your only limit can be your fantasy. For him, it doesn't matter if you leave him butt-naked or dress him up. Moreover, he doesn't mind if you use his incredible ass or his chest as a sleeping pillow.

Top Features and Benefits of Black Male Sex Doll Floyd

• He is made of premium TPE that is as soft as human skin.
• The embedded titanium skeleton offers added flexibility and allows you to try different positions.
• The customer can choose between a hard and a soft penis. Moreover, the customer can choose between a six and a ten-inch penis. One penis size is part of the stock doll. The second one needs to be part of a custom order.
• Ultra-realistic appearance is enabled by proprietary production technology.
• The material is durable and hard to tear.
• Easy maintenance
• Detachable penis for easy cleaning
• Designed to please all sexes