Zelex Customization Options

Auto Sucking Vagina

Ultimate Pleasure!

With the Auto Sucking Vagina, you can enjoy an even more unprecedented sexual experience with your Zelex doll!😍😍😍

It comes with a hidden Type-C charging port which is super easy to charge.

You don't have to connect the charging cable during sex! Just charge it and unplug the charging cable!

Go to the customization section > Vagina and select Auto Sucking Vagina!

Auto Sukicng Vagina For Silicone Bodies

Zelex has optimized the auto sucking vagina for silicone bodies by externalizing the circuit, air pump, and battery, and leaving only a water-resistant vent on the body.

The advantage of externalized modules is that if the battery is aged or the module is damaged, the external parts can be replaced directly without causing harm to the doll itself.

The new suction module can be fully charged in 2 hours with a 1A charger or in 80 minutes with a 2A charger. Once fully charged, the doll can work continuously for 60 minutes.

P.S. This new auto sucking vagina is only available for Silicone bodies. For TPE bodies, the auto sucking vagian will remain the same.

EXP Skeleton

EXP Skeleton Desktop

Introducing the Zelex EXP Skeleton: The Revolutionary Skeleton That Makes Your Sex Doll Even More Lifelike.

Are you looking for a sex doll that can move and pose in a more natural and lifelike way? Look no further than the Zelex EXP Skeleton. With its advanced features, the Zelex EXP Skeleton is the perfect addition to your sex doll.

The Zelex EXP Skeleton is a revolutionary new product that makes your sex doll even more lifelike and enjoyable to be around. Whether you're a collector or simply looking for a new addition to your intimate life, the Zelex EXP Skeleton is sure to exceed your expectations.

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EVO vs EXP Skeleton

Double-Jointed Elbow & Ball-Jointed Wrist

The double-jointed elbow and spherical wrist joint allow for more natural and versatile movements. Whether you're posing your sex doll for a photoshoot or getting intimate, these joints enable your sex doll to move in a more lifelike way.

More Flexible Waist

The re-adjustment of the lumber joint provides both stable support and ease of twisting movement. This means that your sex doll can move and bend in a more natural way, allowing for more realistic and enjoyable intimate moments.

Ball-Joint Neck

The increased ball-and-socket joint allows for free movement of the head, resulting in a more lifelike appearance. Your sex doll can now tilt her head and move it in a more natural way, adding to her overall realism and making her more enjoyable to be around.

Extended Shoulder Movement

The increased joint mobility allows the shoulder to retract, creating a shy posture for the doll. This means that your sex doll can now be posed in a variety of different positions, adding to the overall realism and enjoyment of your experience.

Inspiration Series Options

You may heard of the Zelex Inspiration Series before, but do you know why is it so special Basically, the Zelex Inspiration Series contains a lot of premium options that make your doll more life-like.

We will introduce these options below.


Movable Jaw

Ultra Soft Booty

Hyper Realistic + Durable Body Painting

Durable Body Painting Test

Implanted Hair

Implanted Eyebrows

Body Softness Display

Body Display

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

Oil Test

Hard Head vs Soft Head

Hard Hand vs Normal Hand

Soft Head with Standard Mouth

Replacable Labia