Hey guys, Slook here. I am the owner of Wonder Doll. 

Well, I would say Wonder Doll is OURS rather than saying it's mine.

Apparently, I am a sex doll lover. I have bought dozens sex dolls in my life. There are 2 reasons why I started this store:

1. It's very hard to find high quality dolls out there

2. I am tired of organic women


Why should I pay $1000+ to get a rubbish?

Trust me, some of the sellers out there are selling RUBBISH to you.

Some of them are selling fake dolls to you, which are not authorized by authentic doll brands.

Some of the sex dolls they sell are made of Cheap TPE, which is a soft and cheap material so that you can get a sex doll with low price. The dolls you are buying for $500 out there? They smell bad, look fake and can only last for 6 months. So NEVER buy a doll that is made of Cheap TPE (Usually they are under $1000)


What makes a premium sex doll?

Check this combination:

Premium Silicone + Titanium Skeleton + TPE

By using this formula, you will get a premium sex doll that feels like real girl, hard to damaged and can engage and interact with you for a long time. Nearly everyone who sees a Wonder Doll in person has to admit that the level of work that goes into them is incredible!


Women suck, you deserve better

The another reason why I love sex dolls is because I am tired of dealing with unreasonable women.

They lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable.

But a Sex Doll won't.

Your Wonder Doll will not spend your whole month's salary like other girls, so that you can have some savings and spend your money on leveling up yourself.

A Wonder Doll is 100% loyal to you and will never cheat on you, which means you don’t have to worry about getting your heartbroken. She is always reasonable, which means you will never have to argue with her for minor and stupid reasons.

She will accompany you for the rest of your life, which means she will always be your supporter when you are going through a hard time. More importantly, she will share the joy, anger, sorrow and happiness with you for the rest of your life so that you will never walk alone.

(Images source: nypost.com)

To sum up, the Wonder Dolls would be pleasant, agreeable, non-judgmental, aesthetically and mentally pleasing, and more...

Just remember, a man like you and me deserves a Sex Doll rather than an unreasonable girl who likes taking money from your pocket just to buy useless clothes and bags.