MUST READ: Customizing Options Explanation

Hair Type

  1. You can select Wig, Implanted Synthetic Hair or Implanted Human Hair.
  2. If you select Implanted Hair or Implanted Eyebrows, the doll head will be harder than usual. Oral function will be disabled and the production time increases one week.
  3. Implanted Hair is not available if you select Soft Silicone for the head material.
  4. If you want the same hair style as the picture, simply select “Same As Photo”

Benefit of wigs
Wigs are changeble, you can get different styles of wigs for her and change it from time to time. 

Benefit of Implanted Synthetic Hair
They are inserted into her head so that the hair won't drop like a wig does. Plus, Implanted Synthetic Hair makes her more realistic.

If you don't want her hair to sheaf or drop, you should select Implanted Synthetic Hair.

Benefit of Implanted Human Hair
Implanted Human Hair just makes her even more realistic! You can think it as the upgrade version of Implanted Synthetic Hair.

If you don't want her hair to sheaf or drop, you should select Implanted Human Hair.

Note: If you select Implanted Hair or Implanted Eyebrows, the doll head will be harder than usual. Oral function will be disabled and the production time increases one week.

Synthetic Hair makes the doll very real



Breast Option : Normal or Hollow or Jelly


  • Experience indentation while squeezing
  • Resilient but a bit solid
  • Feel like 90% close to a real breast


  • Only TPE material between fingers while squeezing
  • Will not flatten when laying on top
  • Feel like 95% close to a real breast

Extra Soft (Jelly)

  • The main material for breast augmentation
  • Very soft and elastic
  • Feel like 99% close to a real breast
  • Note: Body Heating is not compatable with Extra Soft Breast
  • Note: Extra Soft Breast is not recommended for E Cup or above

 Sex Doll Breast Types


Vagina Option : Fixed or Removable


  • Vagina is built-in to the doll like a real woman
  • Most realistic experience


  • A sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that allows you to remove from and insert to the doll
  • Easier to clean and replace

Sex Doll Vagina


Feet Option : Normal or Standing


  • Cannot stand due to imbalance of weight
  • May ruin her feet if try to force standing


  • Add three threaded bolts to each of her foot
  • Threaded bolts are connected directly to the internal skeleton
  • Allow standing as the weight would be applied to the bolts but not soft flesh
  • Makes her more practical for posing, handling, and wearing shoes
  • Allows robust protection to feet to extend lifespan

Sex Doll Standing Feet


Skeleton : Normal or Enhanced (EVO/Struggle)


  • Allow shoulder joint movement


  • EVO Skeleton = Struggle Shoulders
  • Gives an additional joint near the shoulder
  • Ability to move up and down
  • Provides the ability to move up and down (ability to shrug)
  • More flexibility (even can put her legs over the head)
  • More lifelike and enjoyable experience
  • Note: Body Heating is not compatable with EVO Skeleton


Smart Moaning System

  • Includes a vaginal sensor and both left and right breast sensor
  • Moaning switch would be set on her back
  • She would react to vaginal and breast touch with erotic sexual moaning when switched on
  • Remember to switch off when not in use

The system will be located either back of the head or upper back of the doll


Internal Body Heating System

  • Heats her from inside out
  • Experience consistent heat throughout her body

What it includes?

  • A plug would be found on her body that allows you to switch on and off
  • Wiring would run through her body
  • A wire that allows you to plug into her body and the other end goes to the wall outlet
  • Small control panel on the wire allows you to set the desired temperature

What happens after setting up?

  • Her torso, vagina and anus will reach the set temperature in about 30 mins


  • Most realistic experience
  • Easy to use and consistent heating


  • Difficult to repair if malfunction is experienced


Body Heating is not compatable with EVO Skeleton (Struggle Shoulders) and Extra Soft Breats


TPE vs Silicone


  • Offer the realest feelings
  • The duration is relativly shorter than Silicone
  • Softer than Silicone


  • Silicone allows us to create the realest look for a sex doll
  • It's harder than TPE
  • The duration is longer than TPE

If you will engage with your sex doll a lot and you care about the feelings of her body, then we recommend getting a TPE sex doll.

If you care about the duration and the realism of the sex doll, then you should go for Silicone.


Articulated Hands

Please select this option if you want her hands to function like real human hands.


Intellegent Cleaning Set

We know how important it is to keep your doll clean and healthy. If you want to keep her longer, you may add the Intelligent Cleaning Set in the Premium Option section.

Check the introduction videos below 👇👇👇