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About Thick Sex Dolls

Wonder Doll is proud of the vast variety of thick sex dolls it has in our collection. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to have a blissful time in 2023!

There’s something about thick women that simply turns on a lot of men. Perhaps the fact that there are more of them to love? Those thick thighs, bubble butts, and big breasts are often simply irresistible!

Popular Thick Sex Dolls

Doll lovers have frequently found it difficult to choose from a large number of thick sex dolls in our collection. Yet, below we share some of the most popular dolls in this category.

Reminiscent of a queen, Etta – H Cup proudly flaunts a Tiara on her head, stamping the authority of royalty. She is full-bodied, with gigantic breasts that have relatively smaller nipples on them. Etta loves dressing up in black, invariably revealing more than she covers. Her piercing gaze in her deep-set blue eyes Is especially ravishing.

Another incredible member of the Thick Sex Doll collection on Wonder Doll is Ruby – E Cup. With Ruby, it is simply a case of all-around attractiveness that leaves most doll lovers drooling. In many ways, she can simply be considered the epitome of a gorgeous thick woman. After all, she has got her curves at just the right places.

An unrelenting sex drive is what best describes Akisha – E Cup. She is youthful while still being curvy like many older women. Her deep blue eyes are particularly riveting. Akisha’s attraction quotient is also enhanced by the beautiful way in which she drapes her dark blonde hair.

True to her name, Kama – E Cup can easily give you a lesson or two on all the different Kama Sutra positions. After all, she has quite literally been there and done that, over and over again. Besides her thick physique, Kama’s appeal also lies in her attractive facial features, which are a great blend of western and Asian characteristics.

Every day is Christmas with Fiona – E Cup. She loves dressing up as Santa. Her brunette hair and particularly sweet face are simply very hard to resist. Bring her home, and you're sure to have a merry time, every day of your life!

Ursula and Amy are 2 of the mind-blowing new dolls for 2023. Both of them are produced by the Starpery Doll and they have been attracting thousands of thick doll lovers since then! If you like thick women, you must take a deep look at them!

P.s. Don't forget Sex Doll Dominique, one of the most popular sex dolls ever.

The Thick Sex Doll Collection

Wonder Doll has a plethora of thick sex dolls in its collection. No matter what your personal preference may be, you are sure to find just the right kind of thick sex doll for yourself.

This is especially because every thick doll in Wonder Doll’s collection is completely customizable. Be it your doll’s hair, eyes, breasts, nipples, hands, feet, or even her pussy – they can all be done up in just the manner YOU want!

Thick Sex Doll


Why Do Doll Lovers Like Thick Sex Dolls?

Many doll lovers prefer thick women in “real life” as well. They are simply not attracted to skinny or even slim women. Thick sex dolls have a more voluptuous body shape, which is more realistic. Moreover, people like thick love dolls because they are seen as more attractive and desirable. Thick women are often seen as more sexually attractive in real life. Meanwhile, thick love dolls tend to have more curves, which can be seen as more attractive and desirable. Additionally, these dolls often have larger breasts and hips, which can be seen as more attractive and desirable.

This preference or penchant for thick women manifests itself in the case of sex dolls too. Essentially, the fondness for thick sex dolls is simply an extension of real-life desires.

Moreover, top brands like Starpery and Ironetch are adding more and more customization options for their dolls, like the Body Heating 3.0 from Starpery Doll, Imagine hugging a thick sex doll with her warm and harmonious body! We bet this will be a dream of yours!

In any case, sex with a thick-set woman is so much fun, in case you haven’t experienced it yet!


Benefits of Owning Thick Sex Dolls

Owning a thick love doll can be a dream come true for many doll lovers, and here's why:


Realistic Experience

Thick love dolls provide a realistic experience of intimacy and companionship, offering a lifelike touch and feel.



Thick sex dolls can help relieve stress and anxiety, acting as a way to unwind and relax.


Safe Sex

Owning a thick doll can provide a safe alternative to casual sex, reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections.



Thick dolls can be customized to meet individual preferences, allowing owners to choose features such as hair color, skin tone, and body type.


No Emotional Attachments

Owning a thick love doll means there are no emotional attachments involved, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of intimacy without any strings attached.


Improved Sexual Health

Thick love dolls can help individuals improve their sexual health by providing an outlet for sexual expression and exploration.



Thick sex dolls can provide companionship for individuals who may feel lonely or isolated, offering a source of comfort and support.



Allow for discreet sexual exploration, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.