Starpery Doll Collection

About Starpery Doll

A leading player in the uber-high quality and ultra-realistic segment of sex dolls, Starpery Dolls has taken this entire segment by storm.

In any case, Starpery offers sex dolls that can be completely customized to exacting standards.

The business draws its name from two unique words – “stars” and “apery”. The implication here is that apery technology will pave the way for humans to make it all the way to stars in the Galaxy. 


Most Popular Starpery Dolls

Every product in the Starpery Collection is a true testimony to the exemplary quality that the Staring Doll factory has always been known for.

Big Tits Amy is a great example of that. Few men can resist her big and extra soft breasts, a beautifully enhanced mouth, gorgeous brunette hair and a charming, petite figure.

Daisy is also an excellent example. She’s fairly tall at 5 feet 7 inches with a full-bodied figure, well complemented by dark blonde hair. Men often find themselves drowning in her deep blue eyes.

Yet another irresistible sex doll in the Starpery Collection is Lubby. Her stark gaze alone makes onlookers go weak in their knees. Blonde-haired Lubby is extremely stylish and likes to be pampered. She loves dressing up in fishnet stockings (and not much else!).

Sarah is another hallmark of the Starpery Collection. Besides her brunette hair, Sarah is especially admired for her tall and slim figure. While Sarah enjoys wearing black, she’s most comfortable with minimal clothes – and maximum sex!

Jiu Mei clearly stands out for her oriental charms. Her dark brown hair with a tall and full-bodied figure not commonly seen among East Asian women, especially turns on her patrons. Jiu Mei enjoys sex in several positions, so make sure to keep the variety aspect flowing with her!

The above are 5 popular sex dolls in the Starpery Collection. There are many more such irresistible dolls in the collection. Central to all of them is their brilliant quality, as well as their completely customizable design, where practically every aspect or feature of these dolls can be suitably customized.


The Starpery Brand

As mentioned in the Intro, the Starpery brand comes from the Staring Doll factory, a class-leading player in the sex doll segment. Frequently referred to as Chaoying Doll, there is simply no parallel on the realism front, both for silicone as well as TPE sex dolls.

This is a brand that does not rest on its laurels. Instead, it continually strives for more, focusing hard on intricate details of the sex dolls.

Starpery is clearly all about quality, and not merely churning out doll after doll, en masse.


Why Do Doll Lovers Like Starpery Dolls?

We already found several loyal patrons of the Starpery brand, strewn across the globe. Clearly, there is a strong preference for this brand. The reasons are plenty, including:

  • Ultra-realistic!
  • Impeccable quality.
  • Fascinating customization options, where practically every bodily aspect of the dolls in this collection can be fully customized – be it skin tone, the color of the eyes, breast type, fingernails and toenails, pubic hair type and style, and much more!
  • Reasonable costs for the features and quality on offer.
  • There’s also a unique body heating feature where dolls can be heated to match human body temperature.

Considering all of these factors, it is not hard to imagine why people prefer buying from the Starpery brand in particular.