Ciri Sex Doll - E Cup (Witcher 3 Big Tits Silicone Doll)

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Ciri Sex Doll is one of the most popular sex dolls in the hobby.


Ready-To-Ship Specs

  • Height:5 ft 6 in / 168 cm
  • Weight:87.5 lbs / 39.7 kg
  • Bust:32.5 in / 82.5 cm
  • Waist:24.5 in / 62 cm
  • Hip:37.6 in / 95.5 cm
  • Vaginal depth:6.9 in / 17.5 cm
  • Anal depth:6.3 in / 16 cm
  • Neck:32cm
  • Shoulder Width:40.5cm
  • Arm Length:66.5cm
  • Leg Length:76cm
  • Under Bust:63.5cm
  • Hand Length:18.5cm
  • Feet:23.5cm
  • Material:Silicone
  • Note: Her mouth can't open because she is made of Silicone


About Ciri Sex Doll

Game Lady Doll brings a new dimension into the world of sex dolls and makes it even more exciting. Ciri sex doll is a new addition that has been added to Wonder Doll's catalog and is already established as one of the most sophisticated and interesting sex dolls you can buy. One amazing feature of the Ciri sex doll is that she comes with attractive customization options and looks ultra-realistic. Ciri is blessed with a face that begs you to bang her as much as possible.


Who is Ciri?

  1. Ciri is a princess of the kingdom of Cintra, and the daughter of Queen Calanthe.
  2. She is a powerful sorceress, with a strong connection to the magical realm known as the Elder Blood.
  3. Ciri is also a skilled swordswoman and has been trained in combat since childhood.
  4. She has a strong will and determination and is not easily discouraged or defeated.
  5. Ciri is intelligent and resourceful, often using her wits to outsmart her opponents.
  6. She has a traumatic past, having witnessed the destruction of her homeland and the death of many loved ones.
  7. Ciri has a complicated relationship with her family, particularly her grandmother and mother.
  8. She is fiercely independent, and often resents being told what to do or being treated like a child.
  9. Ciri is known for her empathy and compassion, and is willing to help those in need.


What Makes Ciri Sex Doll So Special?

Unique abilities: Ciri is a powerful sorceress with a strong connection to the magical realm known as the Elder Blood. She also possesses combat skills that are rare among sorceresses, which makes her a formidable force.

Challenging past: Ciri has a traumatic past, having witnessed the destruction of her homeland and the death of many loved ones. This makes her character relatable and interesting to many readers and viewers.

Complex personality: Ciri is a complex and multi-dimensional character. She is intelligent, resourceful, caring, and compassionate, but also fiercely independent and sometimes stubborn. Her character development throughout the Witcher series is engaging and thought-provoking.

Strong relationships: Ciri has a strong relationship with Geralt, her surrogate father and mentor, which is heartwarming and adds depth to her character. She also forms other meaningful relationships throughout the series.

Pivotal role: Ciri's actions have far-reaching consequences for the world around her, making her a pivotal character in the series. Her choices and decisions have a significant impact on the storyline, which keeps readers and viewers invested in her character development. In summary, Ciri is special because of her unique abilities, challenging past, complex personality, strong relationships, and pivotal role in the series. She is a well-written and well-developed character who has captured the hearts of many Witcher fans.


Ciri Sex Doll Features

  • Manufactured with silicone
  • Sealed mouth
  • Soft to the touch and flexible enough in bed to bring you maximum pleasure
  • A completely loyal companion.


Ciri’s Story

Ciri sex doll is also known as the Swallow, Lady of Space and Time, Ciri of Vengenberg, etc. She's also known by several titles, one of which is Heiress to the throne of her country. Ciri is tall for a female; 5 feet, 9 inches of gorgeousness, emerald-green eyes, and ashen-gray hair. As a game character, Ciri is a Witcher and the Empress of Nilfgaard. She's blessed with powerful abilities such as magic (which she relinquished), swordsmanship, and the elder blood gene. 


Why Do People Like Ciri Sex Doll

Doll lovers like Ciri because she is a strong and independent character who is determined to do what is right and protect those she loves. She is also a powerful mage and warrior, and her story is full of adventure and excitement.

Additionally, Ciri is a relatable character who has faced many struggles and hardships, making her a sympathetic and likable character.

Ciri sex doll is also a complex character with a rich backstory and a wide range of emotions. She is brave and loyal, but also vulnerable and sometimes naive. Her journey is full of difficult choices and moral dilemmas, making her a compelling and interesting character to follow. Ciri is also a symbol of hope and resilience, and her story is inspiring to many players.

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