Sex Doll Head Collection

Our Sex Doll Head Collection

Like the human body, sex dolls comprise many parts, one of which is the head. Also, just as sex dolls come in varieties (black, Asian, blonde, brunette, busty, petite, etc.), the same applies to doll heads. We have different types of sex doll heads from different brands including WM, Irontech, Starpery etc. Though there aren't many sex doll heads for doll lovers to choose from, we indeed have a fair number of silicone and TPE doll heads to spoil you with. Let's take a look at some of them.

Starpery Doll Head #2 Amy

This is one of the most striking heads in our collection. On its own, the sex doll head is quite expensive, but you can get it for much less if you purchase a Starpery doll and select an additional head in the customization options. This silicone head weighs 2kg. It costs $999.

Irontech Doll Head #102

This sex doll head isn't just beautiful; it also happens to be one of the most affordable doll heads in the collection. This head has amazing features: full lips, hooded eyes, and a good facial structure. It's made from TPE, which gives it an ultra-realistic look and feel.

Zelex Doll Head #GE78-2

Though preferences in beauty standards may differ, this silicone perfection is arguably the prettiest face in the collection. This sex doll's head comes with kissable lips, arched eyebrows, a straight nose, black hair, hazel eyes, and an erotic demeanor. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Irontech Doll Head #91

This is arguably the best pick for doll lovers with a bias for blonde hair. This TPE sex doll head also has an extremely innocent look, brown eyes, heart-shaped lips, and a disarming smile.

Starpery Doll Head #58 Leviathan

Do you love a look that frightens you? If yes, look no further. This red-haired TPE sex doll head is the scariest in the collection, thanks to expertly executed macabre makeup that makes it look like a cast in a horror movie.

Why Do You Need More Than One Sex Doll Head?

Doll lovers needs more than one sex doll head because each one has a unique look and feel that can be used to create different types of dolls. Additionally, having multiple heads allows for more customization options when creating a doll.

Furthermore, having multiple sex doll heads also allows for more variety in the dolls that can be created. Different heads can be used to create dolls with different facial features, hairstyles, and other characteristics. This allows for more creative looks for your beloved doll.

Some doll lovers may just want to have sex with different faces and getting multiple sex doll heads is a very economical way to achieve that.

Benefits of Having Multiple Sex Doll Heads


With multiple heads, individuals can switch between different looks and personalities, allowing them to fulfill different fantasies and desires.


Having multiple heads allows for easier cleaning and maintenance of the doll, as the heads can be removed and cleaned separately.


Using multiple heads can extend the life of the doll, as wear and tear can be distributed among the different heads.


Instead of purchasing multiple dolls to fulfill different desires, having multiple heads can be a more cost-effective option.


Depending on the doll manufacturer, individuals may be able to choose from a variety of different heads, allowing them to customize their doll to their specific preferences.
It is important to note that the use of sex dolls is a personal choice and should always be done with consent and safety in mind.


Multiple heads provide the option to change the doll's appearance, making it less obvious that it is a sex doll.


Different heads may have varying levels of softness and firmness, allowing individuals to choose the head that provides the most comfortable experience.


Multiple heads can add to the realism of the doll, as individuals can choose heads that resemble real-life people or celebrities.


Instead of having to purchase and store multiple full-size sex dolls, having multiple heads is a more convenient and space-saving option.


With multiple heads, individuals can explore different sexual orientations or gender identities, allowing for a more diverse sexual experience.

How To Choose The Best Sex Doll Head

If you want to get a sex doll head only, then you should look for the face you like. 

However, if you already have a full-body sex doll, then we recommend you get a sex doll head with the same brand you already have. This is because the skin color of different brands can be different and we want to match the color of the head and the body you have.

Next, you may want to consider the material of the sex doll head you are going to get. 

If you have a silicone body, getting a silicone head will be better.

If you have a TPE body and would like a hyper-realistic face, then you can get a silicone head as well.


Does the sex doll's head included in the height/length of the doll?

Yes. When we are listing the height of a sex doll, the height includes the sex doll's head.