Japanese Sex Doll

About Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese women have ruled the minds of both local fans as well as men from around the world for eons now. There is something compelling about Japanese women that is rarely seen in the case of females from other parts of the world.

This strong preference for and attraction towards Japanese women is reflected in the availability of several Japanese sex dolls.

Popular Japanese Sex Dolls

We are very proud of the numerous Japanese sex dolls it has in its collection.

First up, there is Shae – D Cup who’s unbelievably cute and adorable. Her milky white skin and slim figure leave most men drooling. She keeps her hair long and colored in an attractive whitish-brown shade. Shae’s perky breasts are especially very appealing.

Yang Yi – C Cup is your quintessential Japanese woman. She looks every bit the charming, Geisha kind of Japanese lady you’ve always seen in the movies or in Anime. Her dark black hair, soft and toned body, and extreme openness for all sexual positions, genuinely make her stand out.

Charming Meng – C Cup raises the bar on all Japanese sex dolls in the Wonder Doll collection. Among her, several attractions are her gorgeous brunette hair, her irresistible eyes, as well beautiful slender body. You will love spending long hours with her in the bathtub, where she will spoil you silly!

Jiu Mei – C Cup is clearly the epitome of cuteness. Her wondrous gaze, straight into your eyes is sure to leave you bewitched. She is youthful and playful, traits that men adore. Her appetite for sex is also simply insatiable!

At a glance, Julie - C Cup comes across as homely and nice. Once you bring her home though, her wild side comes to the fore. For instance, her skimpy white gown is off in just a flash, revealing a ravishing body you would like to devour, every single day. Ultimately, with Meng, you can easily look forward to fulfilling every one of your wicked sexual fantasies!

The Japanese Sex Doll Collection

The Japanese Sex Doll Collection is a revered part of the entire sex doll entourage on Wonder Doll. Besides local Japanese fans, men from around the world eagerly seek these dolls. In many ways, the impressions formed in our minds about the sensuality of Japanese women have played a big part in driving this demand.

Why Do Doll Lovers Like Japanese Sex Dolls?

While there are several reasons for which Japanese sex dolls are strongly preferred by doll lovers, a major factor that has driven orders for these dolls substantially is the quality of their construction. At a glance, even the most seasoned pros in this space are taken aback by the fact that these are actually lifeless sex dolls and not real-life human beings.

Moreover, it is also about the incredible manner in which practically every aspect of these dolls can be customized. Take any body part or facial feature; it can be customized precisely to your taste.