Game Lady Doll Collection



Wonder Doll forever strives hard to offer you the finest sex dolls you can lay your hands on. Game Lady Doll is an entirely new brand offering on our storefront. At its core, are the mind-blowing customization options on offer as well as the unreal level of realism you will find on every single one of these dolls!

Game Characters

At their core, you have your favorite sex dolls as characters from the games you have come to enjoy playing so much. Be it Ciri, Aerith, Tifa, or others, you will find them and more in the Game Lady Doll repertoire.

Again, it is their striking realism that blows everyone away! One look – and you are sure to feel as though the game character has made its way out of your gaming screen and straight into your arms! Of course, once with you, you can mess around with her to your heart’s content!

About Game Lady Doll

Game Lady Doll is a new line of sex dolls on Wonder Doll. This is a brand that is modeled after popular gaming characters that gamers around the world have come to admire and covet so much. We are aware of the synergies between sex doll lovers and gamers. For many, there is practically equal infatuation for both.

In such a scenario, it was only apt that a special line of game lady dolls was offered that cater to the distinct tastes of sex doll enthusiasts with a fondness for gaming characters.

Take Ciri as a prime example. Her enthralling silver hair, her warrior-like attire, and indeed her entire persona are nothing short of magnetic. Men around the world are drawn to her, as are many women, who also aspire to be the Princess that Ciri already is.
In such a scenario, it is our responsibility to ensure you have a Game Lady Sex Doll that is completely reminiscent of Ciri as a character. That is the reason we have specifically included Game Lady Doll Ciri in our collection.

The same is true for other glam gaming character dolls too. See Aerith or Tifa in our collection. Again, you will find that the reflection to reality is absolutely striking!

Why Do Doll Lovers LOVE Game Lady Doll?

As we have emphasized throughout this page, it is the attention to detailing that blows doll lovers away, ensuring that they simply cannot have enough of Game Lady Dolls. Pick up any gaming character and compare feature to feature; you will find the resemblance to be absolutely striking!

Freckles on the gaming character? You will find them on the concerned Game Lady Doll too. What about body paint? Yes, of course, you will find that on the glam game sex doll too! Then you have a lot of doll lovers that have a stringent preference for the way the hymen is present, indicative of virginity. With these Game Lady Dolls, that is never a concern since they are indeed virgins waiting to be deflowered by YOU!

What Makes Game Lady Doll SO Special?

Several factors contribute towards rendering these Game Lady Dolls as unique and ooh-so-special. Firstly, think about the fact that no such game sex dolls were really available until now. Therefore, in essence, this new brand helps fulfill a long held fantasy that had remained only a wish to this point. When dreams come true, it is always a special feeling!

Further, it is about the variety of game character dolls that are available under this entire Game Lady Sex Doll lineup. The manufacturers have left no stone unturned in identifying the most popular game lady characters. With that done, they have gone all out to ensure that every striking facial or bodily feature is replicated precisely.
It is this extreme attention to detail that has made Game Lady Dolls like Game Lady Doll Ciri so popular among doll lovers.

Most Popular Game Lady Doll

Ciri – E Cup

A perpetual favorite, Game Lady Doll Ciri leaves all her fans drooling! She is charming and has a sex drive that takes some effort to fulfill. So, make sure to go full throttle with her!

Aerith – E Cup

She may look demure from the outside but once in the mood, she is nothing short of ravishing! Doll lovers adore this facet of her personality and therefore, seek her out frequently.

Ellie – E Cup

Another of the young and innocent-looking Game Lady Dolls in this collection, don’t be fooled by her nubile appearance. She is every bit the hottie in bed that you had always dreamt of, with her freckles only adding to her charm!

Tifa – E Cup

Tifa is clearly nothing short of a Diva, on an entirely different, very high-ranking pedestal of her own. Her jet black hair and button eyes leave doll lovers consistently clamoring for more. Clearly, no Game Lady Doll collection would really be complete without Tifa in it.

Jill – E Cup

A glam doll who has her way with guns and is always very sure of herself. It is these facets of Jill that make her every doll lover’s favorite.

Ada – E Cup

Ada sends shivers down the spines of doll lovers, giving her irresistible appeal and charm. Bend her over and take her from the rear, she will love you so much more!

Lara – E Cup

Every bit reminiscent of the Lara Croft we have come to admire so much on-screen, you will find this Game Lady Sex Doll to be an exact replica of her, only this time in a form that you can have 100% fun with – all the time, whenever you want!

Kitty – E Cup

What good is a glam sex doll without some fantasy elements thrown in? Kitty ensures that every fantasy, no matter how dirty it is, is duly fulfilled. So, what are you waiting for? Order Kitty and get messy with her, NOW!

Målingen – E Cup

Do you want your Game Lady Sex Doll to lead the way on your sexual escapades? Well, Målingen is here to do just that!


The launch of this collection of Game Lady Dolls is clearly a dream cum (oops, we mean come!) 😉true for so many doll lovers!