Full Body Sex Doll

About Full Body Sex Doll

When you are out shopping for a sex doll, chances are very good that you want a full-bodied one.

What do we mean by that?

Well, one which is shapely – with all the curves at the right places. We also imply dolls that are realistic, viz, very close to real human beings.

Further, we also imply dolls that are complete from head to toe, and not just say a vagina or a small sex toy, akin to what you commonly get in the market.

Popular Full Body Sex Dolls

At Wonder Doll, we are completely joyous of our full body sex doll collection. No matter what doll you choose, you are sure to find yourself completely enamored by your prized possession.

The pride of our full body sex doll collection, Alison – F Cup is clearly every doll lover’s dream. She is curvy in just the ideal way, without any of her bodily proportions going overboard. She keeps her hair short at shoulder length. She also dresses minimally in a white bra and panty, occasionally putting on a white negligee over them.

Another full body sex doll in our collection is Angel – F Cup who does complete justice to her name. After all, she is truly angelic in her appearance! Beautifully kept short hair with an irresistible gaze and irresistible breasts are her defining characteristics.

Can a full body sex doll collection really be complete without a blonde? Abby – G Cup fits the bill perfectly on this front. Abby’s standout features include her long, golden tresses, coupled with an infectious smile as well as a body you simply can’t have enough of! With Abby, there’s every chance that onlookers will mistake her for a real human being.

Doll lovers simply cannot have enough of beautiful brunettes either, and that is why we are thrilled to feature Amber – G Cup in our full body sex doll collection. She is young, with gorgeous blue eyes and a voracious appetite for sex. She likes wearing a golden bra but will gladly peel it off for you!

Finally, we have the mystical Alondra – G Cup. In many ways, she is reminiscent of the 70s hippie girls, especially because of her hairband and talisman. More than that, it is her unrelenting lust that leaves doll lovers completely enthralled. Blessed with a beautiful slim body and a cute face, you would surely want to have her in your doll collection.

The Full Body Sex Doll Collection

Our full body sex doll collection is highly sought after by doll lovers worldwide. They want to have the sexual and emotional experience of being with a real human being – and these dolls come extremely close to giving just that to them.

Moreover, bear in mind that all these dolls can be customized just the way you want. That way, they can end up being even more realistic, exactly to your specifications.

Why Do Doll Lovers Like Full Body Sex Dolls?

It has a lot to do with the fact that doll lovers do not want to compromise on their doll ownership experience.

Once you have a full body sex doll in your collection, there is simply no going back.