Blonde Sex Doll

About Blonde Sex Doll

Blondes have always been favored by men across the world. The 1953 Hollywood flick, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe further asserted this preference for blondes. Some sites like Blonde Porn XXX have premium blonde content.

This strong inclination for and attraction towards blondes has reflected itself in the intimate world of sex dolls as well. Doll lovers clearly show a penchant for blondes in their sex doll collections.

Popular Blonde Sex Dolls

Catering to this fascinating taste among doll lovers, we have ensured a beautiful range of blonde sex dolls in our collection.

Anastasia – C Cup is one such charming blonde sex doll. With her gorgeous Russian features, Anastasia makes men all over the world go weak in their knees rather easily. Her long blonde hair, which she likes covering with a Minsk hat, further adds to her charm. Her star attraction is her navel piercing, with a star-shaped pendant.

While Lara Croft has frequently been described as British, Latina Lara – C Cup turns that belief on its head, with her Latin American background. Dressed just like her onscreen avatar, Lara prefers having her long blonde hair neatly tied into thin braids. And boy, does she love sexual action, commando-style!

Caterina – B Cup is your quintessential thickset blonde that men drool over. While a small tank top with tiny shorts is all that she wears, Caterina is most comfortable wearing nothing at all. Her sex drive is so strong, she can’t help playing with herself whenever you fail to give her the attention she seeks!

Wild and wicked, that is Aubree – C Cup for you! She is every bit the blonde of your dreams. Luscious lips, medium-length blonde hair, and an all-around irresistible charm are her highlights. Doll her up like a nubile schoolgirl who loves to tease – and she will love you back even more!

Kindr – H Cup is every bit as irresistible as her compatriots we have shared about. Being an H Cup, she is of course blessed with bountiful breasts that are much more than a handful, leave alone a mouthful! Kindr loves being the Bunny to all your sexual fantasies, wearing just a Playgirl-like headband and nothing else. If a voluptuous blonde is what you have desired all along, Kindr is the answer to all your prayers.

The Blonde Collection

Given the strong preference for blondes among sex doll lovers around the world, it is no surprise that such dolls are available in large numbers. Moreover, within blonde sex dolls, you will find huge variety, in terms of body type, height, vital assets, and more.

Also, every aspect can be customized to your unique tastes and preferences. Ultimately, you will possess your very own unique blonde sex doll, that no one else has.

Why Do Doll Lovers Like Blonde Sex Dolls?

Several factors play a vital role in determining the extent to which doll lovers prefer blondes. Prominent among them is the real-life fancy for blondes, which reflects in sex doll preference as well.

Further, also consider the widely held notion that blondes have an aggressive, practically insatiable sex drive, translating to a preference for blonde sex dolls.

Besides, Wonder Doll provides Discreet Sex Toys shipping, so that your privacy will be protected.

Finally, many sex doll lovers are blonde-haired themselves and prefer a reflection of their own, while seeking out sex dolls.