November 17, 2022 1 min read

Big New!!!

The Zelex Doll releases the Auto Sucking Vagina!😱😱😱

With the Auto Sucking Vagina, you can enjoy an even more unprecedented sexual experience with your Zelex doll!😍😍😍

It comes with a hidden Type-C charging port which is super easy to charge.

You don't have to connect the charging cable during sex! Just charge it and unplug the charging cable!

Check the video below and see how it works

Β πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Go to the customization section > Vagina and select Auto Sucking Vagina!

Auto Sucking Vagina Option
Zelex Auto Suction Vagina


The Body Types We Can We Install This Feature?

  1. X165cm Silicone Body
  2. 170cm Silicone Body
  3. 175cm Silicone Body
  4. 170cm TPE Body



ZELEX just optimizedΒ auto sucking vagina!

Based on customer feedback, Zelex has optimized theΒ auto sucking vagina by externalizing the circuit, air pump, and battery, and leaving only a water-resistant vent on the body.

The advantage of externalized modules is that if the battery is aged or the module is damaged, the external parts can be replaced directly without causing harm to the doll itself.

The new suction module can be fully charged in 2 hours with a 1A charger or in 80 minutes with a 2A charger. Once fully charged, the doll can work continuously for 60 minutes.



Zelex Auto Sucking Vagina

Β Zelex Auto Sucking Vagina