November 18, 2022 1 min read

The Zelex Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

Here's what you get
1. FREE Auto Sucking Vagina
2. FREE Gel Breast (Extra Soft)
3. FREE Gel Booty (Extra Soft) for 170cm, X165cm, 165cm Bodies
4. FREE Articulated Hands
5. FREE Hyper Realistic + Durable Body Painting
6. FREE Boltless Standing Feet
7. FREE Implanted Eyebrows & Eyelashes
8. FREE Weight Reduction (By Default)
9. FREE Upgrade To Movable Jaw with Oral Structure (Head GE45, GE53, GE94, GE95 & GE07)

On top of all the above terrific free options, you get a FREE 2ND HEAD and you get to CUSTOMIZE IT 😱

Zelex Black Friday Promotion

Zelex Black Friday Promotion Screenshot


Zelex Black Friday Promotion Screenshot


P.S. The promotion starts from 17/11/2022 to 15/12/2022