April 04, 2022 5 min read

In the early days, sex dolls were mentioned in whispers because of the social stigma associated with them. It was taboo, more or less. However, that has changed as things have taken an opposite turn. With time, more people considered owning a sex doll to fulfill their innermost sexual cravings. Sex dolls are now being talked about more openly than before, and thanks to advancements in production, they are life-like and ultra-realistic.

Seeing sex dolls of different varieties, ranging from dark-skinned to pale-skinned dolls and Caucasian to Asian dolls has opened consumers' minds. Coupled with the unreliability of human lovers, sex dolls are now viewed as a potential substitute for human companionship.

Raising Living Standard

There have been arguments for sex dolls being able to enhance the quality of life in the aspect of one's health. Sex dolls have been considered to have health benefits that include treating neurological complications such as low libido, multiple sclerosis, and the absence of arousal. It also helps treat conditions such as vaginal dryness, vaginal tightness, vaginal atrophy, vaginal or vulval pain, etc.

Usage of certain medications such as antidepressants, heart medicines, cancer treatments, antihistamines, etc., has also messed with normal bodily functions pertaining to sex.

Another way it enhances the quality of life is your sexual performance. Many couples are having issues because of low sexual performance and feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom. This can be compounded or made worse when your partner is not interested in helping you learn or become better in the bedroom.

Having a sex doll allows you to improve your sex skills. You can learn how to thrust and how to pace your thrusts. After some time of owning a sex doll, you would have significantly improved on your sexual deficiencies.

Experiences of Heartbreaks

People have gotten to a stage where they yearn to protect their mental and emotional health. Millions of people have been through heartbreaks and don't wish to relive that experience. So many people have turned to sex dolls to prevent heartbreaks. After all, you can have all the sex you want and not worry about your sex doll sleeping around or with another partner.

It Reduces Infidelity

While there's zero chance of sex dolls putting an end to infidelity, it sure can reduce it in a relationship. For instance, partners in long-distance relationships can get sex dolls to satiate their sexual appetite in the absence of their partners. In addition, having your sexual needs attended to by a readily available sex doll will quell the tempting prospects of having sex with someone else aside from your partner.

When both partners have the means to satiate themselves sexually, there are fewer heartbreaks because there will be less cheating. This is one of the reasons sex dolls are becoming more and more appealing to consumers.

No Human Shortcomings

This is perhaps one of the most appealing things about sex dolls. Because they aren't human (just modeled to look like one), they can't become pregnant no matter how much you ejaculate inside. So for those who prefer unprotected sex, you can have as much raw sex as you want with zero fear of pregnancy lurking in your mind.

Another perk that comes with having a sex doll is having sex anytime you want. With sex dolls, there's no such thing as a menstrual cycle. So there's no time of the month when you have to find another means to satisfy your urge or keep your zipper closed.

Similar to pregnancy and menstruation, there's also no fear of contracting sexually transmitted infections with sex dolls. That's like tons of reckless sex; life couldn't be better.

Marriage is Expensive

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it comes at a price. Minus the financial aspects, tons of responsibilities come with marriage. Statistics have shown that weddings are becoming increasingly expensive. Americans spend billions of dollars on weddings every year. The average wedding in America costs roughly $30k. Yet, most marital problems are steeped in financial issues. Also, with the rising trend of divorces, many marriages end up as divorce cases in court. A lot of these marriages are barely even ten years old.

Marriage is not for everyone, and that's okay. For some people, it's not the financial aspect that's worrying them. It's the freedom from commitments they're scared to sacrifice. These days, many people just want to have sex with no strings attached or no commitments in the picture. The risks you took as a single person will become a thing of the past when you get married.

This is because when you were single, you were the only one suffering from the setbacks of risk that didn't work out well. However, when you become married, it won't just be you this time around; your partner will also suffer. So any decision you make has to be with your partner in mind. For some people, a life without risk is devoid of all excitement, and it's going to be that way as long as you're married.

Finally, in most cases, marriage becomes the end of spontaneity and the beginning of too many compromises. Then there's also the case of divorce settlements when your wedding hits the rocks.

For the above reasons, more people are warming up to the idea of owning a sex doll instead of having a human lover.

Raising Kids is No Longer a Must

Just as marriage is not on the cards for everyone, starting a family is not everyone's desire. Not everyone appreciates the entanglements and truckload of responsibilities that come with being a parent. Some people want to have sex and be free. That's why they opt for sex dolls. Also, more and more people prefer to have pets instead of kids these days.

A Great Option for Shy Men to Get Laid

Timid men who can never work up the courage to approach and woo ladies, or those not attractive enough to get laid, can easily opt for sex dolls to satiate their sexual needs. This saves them the agony of staring at a woman longingly yet being hesitant to make a move and coming up back home to berate themselves over their timidity. For these categories of people, the invention of the sex doll is a blessing.

Final Thoughts

Many individuals are becoming more vocal and confident about their ownership of sex dolls. Both genders are indulging in their sexual fantasies to the fullest. There's also the potential of sex dolls as the answer to reducing the incidence of sex-related crimes such as rape. Knowing that with a couple of thousands in dollars, you can own a fully customizable sex doll (big butt, full bust, long thighs, etc.), or in the case of women (sizeable biceps, massive cock, etc.). You can get tons of sex without emotional attachments or responsibilities. These are the most significant reasons sex dolls are gaining more popularity.