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The world of sex dolls is clearly a fascinating one that has enamored doll lovers the world over. But who invented sex dolls? Today, sex doll stores like Wonder Doll have some of the finest collections of dolls that one could find anywhere on Earth; yet, it would be interesting to get a perspective on the history behind these dolls and find out who invented sex dolls.


Sex Doll Invention


Some Common Sense/Instinctive Perspectives

Before we dive deep, it would only be pertinent to share some reasonably obvious, common sense perspectives related to human nature. Sex, by itself, is an innate, instinctive need for humans (and animals alike). Yet, many have to forgo it for a variety of reasons that may truly be beyond their control. Our vocations often play a large role in this compulsion. Then there are others who are simply unable to indulge in sexual activity with desired partners, despite the urge. Maybe they lack confidence, have bodily inhibitions or dysfunctions, and so on.

In all such situations, an inanimate yet humanoid partner with whom sexual activity can be performed unhindered proves priceless.


Dutch Sailors in the 17th Century

The 17th Century was a time when the Dutch were making rapid strides around the world, often capturing and/or gaining/regaining new territories. This directly implied that Dutch sailors would be onshore for prolonged periods of time. Female company, and the possibility of copulation with them, was deemed as a virtually impossible ask.

Imaginative minds then came up with leather puppets sewn by hand which these sailors could have sex with. The world gradually knew more about these puppets once Dutch and Japanese sailors started trading them.


Germany's contribution

Germany has had a major role to play in the evolution of sex dolls. First, it was Hans Bellmer, the country’s acclaimed surrealist artist, who came up with rather interesting, eroticized dolls in the 1930s. However, he unfortunately missed out on ensuring appropriate orifices in these dolls that would allow penetration.
Interestingly, German despot Adolf Hitler can be credited with the evolution of sex dolls during World War Two. These dolls were mandated to German troops. This would not only prevent them from indulging in sexual activity with non-Aryans, but also mitigate their chances of catching sexually transmitted diseases.


United States

The United States was a relatively late entrant into the sex doll party. It was only around 1968 that sex dolls first started being advertised in porn magazines. This was a direct result of new legislature which allowed sexual devices to be sold over the mail.

This was also the time when the “Golden Age of Porn” came to the fore. This was ably accompanied by a more free-spirited mindset among a large populace. Sex or sexual activity, including the use of sex toys or sex dolls, was no longer taboo.


2000 Onwards – and China’s Dominance

From thereon till the dawn of the new millennium, we witnessed rapid strides being made in the quality and design of sex dolls. As the US discovered China to be a far superior manufacturing hub for just about every item of everyday use, it was only a matter of time before sex dolls would also be made in the PRC.

Today, there are renowned names in this space such as Starpery or Zelexwhose dolls are made with exquisite detailing, from where they are shipped to doll lovers right across the globe.

 Who Invented Sex Dolls


Modern Evolution of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have witnessed a constant evolution in their design and style. Take for instance, the material used to construct these dolls. Today's dolls are far more realistic and durable than those seen in previous decades.
Wonder Doll has especially been at the forefront of this upwardly trend in sex dolls. Whether in terms of quality, quantity, or design, there is nothing that doll lovers would find wanting in Wonder Doll’s product portfolio.

Who Invented The Sex Doll 


Looking Ahead

Just as significant as it was to look at the past, the evolution of sex dolls, it is equally pertinent to look into their future. The key, as it quite likely seems, will be the focus on realism. In other words, to what extent are sex dolls a replication of real life human beings and the sexual pleasure & satisfaction that one derives with them.

Alongside, there is bound to be a focus on dolls personifying characters that may not exist in real life and yet, have enthralled the hearts and minds of folks out there. An example would be popular cartoon characters, movie avatars, Japanese Anime or Hentai, and much more. We believe the one who invented sex dolls could never imagine that back at that time.

Once again, Wonder Doll has proven to be a leader on this front, with an unmatched catalogue of sex dolls across diverse body types, materials, races, and looks.