MUST READ: Ultimate Sex Doll Caring Guide

November 27, 2021 9 min read

Important Notes

You should keep your Sex Doll in a cool place.

We also recommend you positioning her in a sitting position or just lay her down.

Make sure she is not wearing tight or dark cloths for too long. Dark color fabrics may stain the doll skin after prolonged contact.

Taking good care of her not only can extend lifespan, but also can keep her fresh, clean and sexy for future pleasure.

  • Keep your Sex Doll away from dust and clean her once a month.
  • Use 100% natural cotton muslin dust bag to bag her for storage if needed
  • Clean her important areas such as the mouth, anus, and vagina after having fun with her.
  • Clean her regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria as TPE material is porous and bacteria can stay on it.


WARNING: Here are what you should avoid:

  • Contacting with dark color fabrics: Dark color fabrics may stain the doll skin after prolonged contact.
  • Tight clothing: Clothing that contains elastic band may leave permanent scars on your Sex Doll.
  • Sunlight: UVA & UVB may fade her skin and cause further damage.
  • Extreme temperatures: You should avoid storing your doll under extreme hot and cold environment
  • Oil-based Lubricant: Water-based lubricant can protect her and is easy to be washed
  • Leaving the limbs widely spread: If the arms and legs are widely spread for a long period, the stress may cause tearing on her.
  • Chemicals or alcohol: This will both cause damage to her skin
  • Silicone-based Lube / Oil
  • Alchol
  • Solvent: All kind of solvent (except water) like odorless mineral spirits, mineral spirits, nitro-thinner, paint thinner, and products that contain solvents like alcohol-free baby wipes (includes ether and/or chlorine instead of alcohol) are harmful to your doll.
  • Products that contain vegetable oil: Including soaps, crèmes, shower gels with coconut oil, and fruity oils, etc.
  • Wet Condom


Care for brand new sex doll

  • Joints may be stiff upon her arrival so be careful while attempting to move the doll limbs, they will loosen up after a few days.
  • Wash your hands before touching her
  • After unpacking the head, you can keep the bag for future storage
  • Lift and move her around with the help of a blanket


What to use to clean your sex doll?

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge
  • Soft towel
  • Non-abrasive drying cloth
  • Premium Renewal Powder

How to clean yoursex doll?

  • Remove the head and wig to clean them separately
  • Use a mix of antibacterial soap and clean tepid water, and gently massage the doll skin with your hands, or pat down with a light sponge.
  • Don't get the neck and head too wet or immersed in water when washing your doll, as this can cause any of the metal components to rust.
  • If you get the metal components wet by accident, be sure to dry them immediately to prevent rust.

 Just remember: Sex dolls are very fragile, you MUST clean them gently.


 What to avoid when cleaning your sex doll?

  • Delaying the cleaning process
  • Don't use any sharp objects like hard sponges or wire brushes since they may damage her skin.
  • Avoid immersing her head or neck into the water at any time.
  • Anything oil-based both internally or externally
  • Don't apply too much pressure on the skin when cleaning or drying her in order not to tear her skin.
  • Don't blow-dry her with a hairdryer.

Reminder: Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.


How to dry your sex doll

  • Place your sex doll on the soft towel and pat dry gently with a clean soft cotton cloth to allow the skin to air dry fully.
  • Avoid scrubbing back and forth.
  • Don't use a hard sponge/ brush or wire wool for cleaning as it will damage her skin.
  • After drying, apply talcum powder to her to protect the skin and prevent frictional damage.
  • Do not apply talc when your doll is still wet. Apply talcum powder to the dolls every two weeks.

Reminder: Do not apply any other substances like fragrance oils to the skin.


How to clean her important parts

Vaginal Irrigator

  • Do the initial flushing with cold water then switch to warm water and mild soap to sanitize.
  • Do this right after use to ensure the ease and best result
  • They are inexpensive and easy to use


Luffa on a stick

  • This is for when you want to make one extra step on cleaning her.
  • Luffa helps you to gently scrub the inside of the canals.
  • This method is extremely useful when some fluids have left inside over time.
  • Remember do not stick it too hard to the bottom
  • Avoid metalcore on the luffa



  • Great choice if you want to bathe with her
  • Control the stream of water and use it to clean specific parts
  • Can use higher water pressure with thicker stream setting to quickly finish the cleaning process

Note for replaceable vagina: apply renewal powder on the outside of the replaceable vagina and the inside of her before inserting the vagina.


How to clean her head

  • Remove her head from her body. If possible, remove the wig as well.
  • Dip a sponge or cotton cloth in warm antibacterial soapy water and gently pat down her face.
  • Please be careful not to damage her eyes and lashes and avoid getting these areas wet.
  • Gently pat down the face with a dry non-abrasive cloth. Allow her to air dry naturally before reattaching to her body.


How to clean makeup

  • Remember to avoid oil or alcohol based make-up, only use water-based makeup (perfumes usually contain alcohol so try to avoid them too)
  • Makeup can be removed with damp of laundry detergent or mild soap with warm water
  • Use paper towel or dry cloth to pat her face dry.


How to clean the wig

  • Wigs should be washed separately with the body
  • Fill the sink or wash basin with lukewarm water
  • Wash with mild shampoo and mild conditioner
  • Submerge the wig in the water and do not mash the wig too much or else it will end up with a lot of knots
  • Let them air dry as a blow dryer may damage the hair
  • Gently comb the wig after dry
  • When brushing long hair, start with small sections close to the hair tips
  • Do not force the brush through knots, instead work the knots apart with your fingers and then brush gently



  • Store her in a cool and dark place as sunlight may fade her facial features

Under the bed

  • Most common area for storing sex doll
  • Store her in an appropriate box or by wrapping her up in cotton muslin bags

Sex Doll Flight Case

  • Best storage option
  • Protect her from dust, excess light, high humidity, and other things that may contaminate her

Sex Doll Shipping Box

  • She arrives in a discreet packaging and that can be used as a storage box
  • Wrap her in a white blanket so it won’t stain and place in the box



  • Always use a water-based lubricant when sexually using the vaginal, anal and oral canals to prevent tearing of the skin.
  • Only use water-based lubricant. Silicone or petroleum-based lubes can damage your doll's skin.


TPE Skincare

  • Do not leave your dolls arms or legs up or open for any period of time longer than a few minutes. If you leave your doll with her arms up or legs spread, the stress placed on the TPE will cause tearing. You may return to find your dolls underarms or the groin area has split apart, which then will require repair. So take care to always return your doll back to a neutral stress free position, with arms down by her sides and legs closed, when you are not using her.
  • If the skin becomes tacky to the touch, lightly dust your doll with Premium Renewal Powder with included brush after cleansing and drying to make her skin velvety smooth again. This is very important to do to prevent tearing of your sex doll.
  • Take care not to place your sex doll with or on items containing inks, such as newspapers, magazines, dark-colored material or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments as well.
  • Don't expose your sex doll to direct sunlight to prevent aging of the TPE material.
  • The coloring of your dolls lips, eyes, cheeks, areola and labia is a semi-permanent make-up. It will wear off with sexual use, touching, kissing, bathing or using mineral oil, makeup remover, stain remover, etc. You should reapply the makeup as desired. We recommend any matte eyeshadow palette, easily found on Amazon or your local drug store.
  • TPE contains oil, it's what makes the TPE so soft and jiggly. So take care not to place your doll on unsealed surfaces that may leach the oil from her and dry out her skin causing it to crack or split.
  • TPE is soft and is subject to flattening and creasing if left in a sitting position or laying on a surface for a length of time. When leaving your doll unattended for more than a few days, be sure to hang her with the Closet Bar Suspension Kit to keep her free from compression marks and creasing.


Skeletal Care

  • Your sex doll has a metal skeleton with several fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses. There are screw-fixing holes inside the joints, foot, and leg. It is normal for your doll to have some slight modification traces and marks at these parts.
  • Take care when carrying your doll around. Because of her metal skeleton she can be quite heavy depending on her size. Avoid dropping your doll, or knocking her against hard surfaces which could cause damage.
  • Take care to protect your dolls fingers. The fingers have internal wires that allow you to pose your dolls hands. The doll fingers allow for a very light grip only and cannot bear weight. The internal wires can break if not handled with care.
  • While our dolls do have enhanced wrists which can support their own weight. When you engage in doggy-style sex with your sex doll, it's best to support your dolls torso beneath her with pillows or furniture.


Bathing Your Sex Doll

  • Your sex dolls body should be thoroughly cleaned every 30 days by bath or shower using a mild antimicrobial soap.
  • It is fine to sit your doll in water or shower with her, but do not let her head or neck submerge under the water.
  • To wash your sex dolls face, very gently wipe with a wet cloth and TPE Safe Foaming Cleanser. *Again, Do not submerge your dolls head in water.
  • Use a soft absorbent towel and gently pat your sex doll dry after cleansing.
  • After thoroughly drying, apply a light dusting of Premium Renewal Powder to keep her skin soft and velvety. *Never use a hair dryer or other heat source to blow your doll dry.


Vaginal, Anal, and Oral Cleaning

  • The vaginal, anal and oral areas of the doll should be cleaned after every use to avoid growth of bacteria, as TPE skin is more porous than Silicone.

  • Flush the canal with mild anti-bacterial soap water in a vaginal irrigator until thoroughly clean, rinse the canal with clean water in a vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed.

  • Dry canal thoroughly.

  • Once dry dust with Premium Renewal Powder inside and out.


Removable Vagina Care

  • To insert the replaceable vagina into the doll, powder well with Premium Renewal Powder to both the outside of the insert and the inside of the dolls vaginal cavity where the insert is inserted.
  • For cleaning the replaceable vagina after use, use the above instructions for Vaginal, Anal and Oral Cleaning.



Take care to make sure that any clothing put on your dolls is color transfer resistant. TPE is very porous and darker colors or patterns may bleed and cause discoloration to your doll and can be difficult or even impossible remove. Though our Stain Remover does an excellent job of removing most clothing stains.


Wig Care

To clean your dolls hair, remove the wig from her head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Let the wig dry naturally (using a wig stand if possible) then gently comb the wig starting from the bottom and moving upward.


Use Responsibility

  • Refrain from sharing your sex doll with anyone else, to prevent spreading of disease.
  • Clean your sex dolls vaginal, anal and oral canals with a TPE Safe Cleanser and dry thoroughly after every use to prevent growth of bacteria.
  • We recommend the use of a condom for ease in cleaning.
  • Please use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your love doll to prevent tearing from friction.


Please remember, the more you treat your doll like a lady the longer she will last.  Jerking and twisting the doll could result in skin tears or joint misalignment.

Be careful when posing your doll so the joints stay in alignment.

We recommend always using lubrication with your doll as friction can lead to tearing of the doll skin.  When using lubrication with the doll always use water-based lubrication.


P.s. Check out this page if you want to learn more about sex dolls


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