Tips for Styling and Maintenance of Your Sex Doll Hair (2023 Updated)

May 30, 2022 5 min read

Tips for Styling and Maintenance of Your Sex Doll Hair (2023 Updated)

Many people all around the world are becoming interested in sex dolls because of their increasing popularity. Sex doll ownership is no longer associated with loneliness or desperation, and men of all ages are openly declaring their affection for these lifelike sex dolls. Sex doll ownership involves more than just physical intimacy; it also implies love, connection, and responsibility for the sex doll. Every time you encounter a sex doll, her wig is the first thing that grabs your attention and draws you in.

The Reasons Behind the Customization of Wigs for Sex Dolls

Your sex doll's most crucial accessory is a gorgeous wig, which transforms her appearance into that of an attractive young lady eagerly awaiting your arrival. One might become weary of seeing the same hair, haircut, and wig every day with a lifelike sex doll that understands how to satisfy your sexual dreams. The way most men think is OK and there's nothing to be concerned about. The newest sex dolls have detachable wigs because variety is the spice of life.
To experience sexual pleasure in ways that a real woman cannot, the ultimate purpose of purchasing a sex doll is to customize the doll's appearance. It is a one-time investment and you don't have to get rid of her if you become tired of her. Simply replace her wig and haircut, and you'll have a new-looking doll β€” the one you dream about every night.

Taking the Wig Out of the Face

Only a select few people choose to keep many wigs on hand for their dolls, depending on their sexual preferences and capacity to switch them out at will. When it's time to wash or change the doll's wig, you'll need to take it off frequently as a doll owner. A wig is a delicate piece, and removing it quickly or carelessly might cause it to be damaged or deformed.

So, the first step in caring for a doll's wig is to gently remove the wig while preserving the doll's hair. Do not use undue force or pressure when attempting to remove the wig. Instead, use gentle pressure and keep going until it's gone. Keep on with the method if the wig becomes caught. If it does, gently unstick it. No matter how many times you take it off, you should never haste.

To Look Like a Sex Doll by Wearing a Realistic Wig

When it comes to caring for a doll's hair, putting on the wig is essential. Sex dolls' wigs aren't as simple to swap out as those of real women. If you're looking for wig placement ideas, these are the three most popular approaches:

  • Placement without delay
  • The positioning of the cap
  • Velcro fastens the visor to the hat.
  • No-Hassle Employment

This is the most apparent example. You only need to lay the wig on her head in the same manner that you would a cap. The wig's elastic sides will keep it firmly in place around the perimeter of the head.

The doll's head is the standard size for wigs, and they're easy to remove and put on. Direct placement is preferred by the majority of lifelike doll enthusiasts. First-time users should utilize this approach. However, this approach does not work with custom-made wigs and only works with the wig that comes with the doll.

Cap Fitting

A wig cap is placed on, and bobby pins are used to hold it in place around the perimeter. Wig hats of various sizes and bobby pins are a favorite buy for experienced doll owners. To connect the wig to the wig cap, all you need is your preferred wig cap and four bobby pins positioned in the front, rear, and sides.
This is a low-cost procedure that allows doll owners to remove and re-apply the wig as many times as they like.

The use of Velcro for securing a hat

This technique replaces the bobby pins with a Velcro strap to hold the wig and hat together. Use Velcro Strap which is sticky on both sides to connect the wig to the wig cap and then put her in the wig cap as described in option two.
As you place the wig on your sex doll, the Velcro square will align and stick. Those who constantly replace the wigs of their sex dolls will find this procedure ideal. With this method, you may remove the wig in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Washing the Wig

When it comes to maintaining the wig's attractiveness and resemblance to your real hair, nothing is more vital than cleaning it regularly. The wig on a sex doll, on the other hand, maybe removed before cleaning, and doing so is encouraged to make the washing process go more smoothly.

It's a good idea to wash your sex doll's wig at least once a monthβ€”or twice if possible. The type of hair in the wig also affects how often it has to be washed. Because it doesn't collect as much dust as natural hair, synthetic hair requires less washing than natural hair.

Things you must consider before you start:

Wig Washing Instructions

Fill a tub or basin with warm water for the first step. There should be enough water to completely submerge the wig in the water. Hot water can injure or kill the skin, so avoid using it. Let it soak for about 30 seconds before removing it with your fingers and rinsing it well with soap and water. Rinse it carefully to avoid tangling after letting it soak for a few minutes. When wearing a wig in water, be careful not to move it too quickly.

When washing your wig, don't use your normal conditioner or shampoo. For her hair type, these products are excessively harsh and may leave residue on her wig that shortens its longevity. Sulfates and parabens must be avoided in personal care products. Another thing to bear in mind when cleaning her is that humanlike hair wigs require a completely different approach to care than synthetic ones. Although it is possible to submerge synthetic wigs, it is not advised to do so with humanlike hair wigs due to the risk of tangles and additional hassle.

The next step is to remove the wig and thoroughly wash it under running water, soap-free. Keep your hands away from the wig when washing it to avoid tangling the hair. When all the shampoo has been washed out, gently compress the towel to remove the remaining water. Once the wig is completely dry, lay a clean, dry towel on your desk and gently wipe it to remove as much moisture as possible.

Final Thoughts

If you've followed the advice in this article, your sex doll wigs are in good hands. While all parts of the doll require substantial care and upkeep, the wig takes a little more attention. As when you own something, then you are responsible for its maintenance. You may offer your sexual partner a whole new look and make her more attractive and alluring – just like the first time you took her into your bedroom with a clean and well-maintained wig to enjoy your sexual desires.

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