January 08, 2023 1 min read


Take a first look at the most advanced technology from Starpery --- Body Heating 3.0!

Stapery Doll just released one of the best body heating systems for their sex dolls and we will conduct an early intro for you.


Why We Are Excited?

It allows full body rapid heating within 30 minutes and you don’t have to worry getting over-heated because the heating system will turn itself off if the temperature is too high!

Thanks to the intellectual circulatory heating technology, the doll can be heated and maintained for about 2 hours, which means you can enjoy a decent amount of time with a heated body!

Last but not least, the Starpery Body Heating 3.0 has it’s own exclusive app which allows you to check the heating progress on your phone.


Which Body Parts Will Get Heated?

The sex doll's chest, belly, back, vagina, hip, thigh, and calf will be heated.



The Starpery Body Heating 3.0 uses Graphene as heating material.

Not only can the Graphene far-infrared light wave make the sex doll warm, but also helps kill the mite.


What We Can Expect?

In our opinion, this cutting-edge technology really enhances sex dolls from Starpery to another level!

The Starpery production team is welcoming us doll lovers to provide feedback so that they can take even more steps forward!

P.S. The article is just a brief introduction. Starpery will release more information about this newest technology. We will post more about it when we get the update. Stay tuned!