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    October 23, 2022 1 min read

    Hello Doll Lovers,

    We are so grateful to announce the Starpery Halloween Offer :glou:

    1. Free Implanted Artificial Hair (Original Price: $199)
    2. Free Movable Eyes with veins (Original Price: $39)
    3. Free Gel Breasts (Original Price: $99)
    4. Free Heating Blanket (with Plug adaptor) (Original Price: $49)
    5. Free Upgraded Gear Skeleton (Original Price: $199)
    6. Free Hyper Realism Body Painting (Original Price: $99)
    7. Free Articulated Finger (Original Price: $149)
    8. Free Shrugging Shoulder (Original Price: $99)
    9. Free Standing Feet (Original Price: $99)

    On top of the above, you can get a FREE Extra Head and you get to CUSTOMIZE IT! (Original Price: $499)


    To sum up, you can save $1500+ !

    Is that the greatest Sterpery Halloween offer ever??