Should a Virgin Buy a Sex Doll?

December 15, 2022 4 min read

Should a Virgin Buy a Sex Doll?


OK, so you have never done “it”, but should you pop your cherry with a sex doll? The first time is always special and memorable; we tend to remember it for the rest of our lives. In that case, should it really be with an inanimate object, versus a real, living partner?

This is a dilemma faced by plenty of virgins out there. There is no clear or straightforward answer to this. Below we look at a number of perspectives around virgins losing their virginity to sex dolls, or even the very prospect of a virgin buying a sex doll in the first place.


Sex – an instinctual, innate need

Virgin or not, fact remains that sex is an instinctual, innate bodily need. We are designed from within to indulge in sexual activity, both for pleasure as well as for procreation. Commonly, virginity is more a matter of compulsion than of choice, especially if the person is otherwise of adult age. Below we consider factors that perpetuate virginity while also considering the difference that sex dolls can make under such circumstances.


Personality traits

An important aspect to consider for a lot of people out there is their personality type. Not everyone is outgoing, gregarious, or confident. Many are shy or hesitant to open up with people around them. While it would be inaccurate to generalize, often we find those with such personality traits to be virgins.

Now, this same set of people frequently comes across as confident enough around sex dolls. In such a scenario, there is absolutely no harm for them to sexually indulge with such dolls by losing their virginity to them.

Remember that the inability to partake in any kind of sexual activity for a prolonged period of time can be terribly frustrating. Since introverts find human interactions – leading to sex, to be an especially tough proposition, sex dolls prove to be a rather comfortable outlet.


Quality of today's sex dolls

Any discussion centered around sexual activity with sex dolls for virgins must consider the superior quality of today’s dolls.

If, for example, you look at the extensive product catalog on Wonder Doll, there is practically every possible kind of doll available on it. Whether it is body shape, body size, racial features, breast size, color of the eyes or the hair, material used in their construction (TPE or silicone), and more, you are spoilt for choice completely.

Most importantly, sex with these dolls truly feels like the “real thing”. There is almost nothing to differentiate the experience of having sex with these dolls versus doing so with real life partners.

In such a scenario, virgins can easily go ahead and partake in sexual activity with these dolls sans any inhibitions whatsoever.


Physical conditions

As we mentioned previously, plenty of virgins out there are in this state more because of compulsion rather than their own volition.

Besides the personality traits we discussed above, there are physical conditions due to which indulging in sexual activity becomes a challenge. We personally know plenty of folks out there who would be considered as physically unattractive by most. Maybe they're just too short, too fat, too skinny, or simply have a face that does not draw the attention of others.

Making things worse are those among us who live with various health conditions. Skin problems, for example, often drive away prospective sexual partners. Similarly, if there is any body deformity – say a missing body part, or a health condition that inhibits regular bodily functioning or movement, sexual activity is bound to be adversely affected.

In all such cases, where virginity is thrust upon rather than being chosen, sex dolls prove to be the ideal way forward towards indulging in sexual activity.


Other Scenarios

Imagine being in the midst of a pandemic like Covid-19 that all of us across the world had to suffer through (and its still not over yet!). Likewise, there can be situations where natural disasters strike at will. Other extreme situations include being in a war zone or when curfew is imposed.

Further, many states across the world – including developed nations like the US, prohibit prostitution. Sexual indulgence with them is considered illegal.

Given the barrage of possibilities we have hinted at above, the best bet for virgins would be to have sex with sex dolls in the comfort of their premises.



As you would have realized by now, there could be an absolute plethora of situations where having sex with a sex doll would be just the right way forward.

The inability to lose their virginity label invariably plays on the minds of virgins. This includes men and women alike.

The onset of sex dolls takes away the compulsion of remaining as virgins. Therefore, when asked whether a virgin should buy a sex doll, the answer ought to be an emphatic yes!

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