Sex Dolls Vs. Sex Toys: Which is Better? (2023 Updated)

April 04, 2022 5 min read

Sex Dolls Vs. Sex Toys: Which is Better? (2023 Updated)

The need for sex has been ingrained in human nature from time immemorial. As time has evolved, we've experimented with various techniques to indulge our sexual desires. Sex dolls and sex toys have been among recent innovations to indulge our sexual fantasies. Is one better than the other? Read on to find out.

So let's start with sex dolls. What are their benefits or capabilities?

Benefits of Sex Dolls

There are a lot of benefits that doll owners enjoy from their sex dolls. Firstly, they are different from sex toys because they aren't just meant for sex. There are other benefits to be enjoyed aside from sexual satisfaction. They include:

Making Good Companions

Initially, sex dolls were invented purely to satisfy sex cravings and desires. However, as time evolved, these unique inventions were viewed a bit differently from being sex objects. Sex dolls have grown on their owners and are considered a sort of partner or companion. The mere fact that sex dolls are designed to hold conversations with their human owner speaks volumes about their potential for companionship.

Many doll owners don't even view them as 'sex dolls' anymore. Instead, they refer to them as 'love dolls'. More doll owners are gradually liking the idea of having their sex doll as a companion.

Human Touch

Sex dolls aren't just designed to look like human beings. They are also designed or made to feel like a human. Touching sex dolls is very similar to touching real people. Their proximity to a full-blooded human makes them capable of offering much more than sexual pleasure. This benefit also complements their potential as a companion for their owners. A conversation with your doll is better or deeper when the owner can also touch or feel their doll as they're talking to them.

This benefit is even better for certain owners than the sexual pleasure derived. Thanks to advancements in technology, sex dolls manufacturers are putting more finesse into their work to make sex dolls as realistic as possible. Certain manufacturers even fashion the doll body parts from those of real humans. Even a detail such as the skin tone is perfected.

Fulfill Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has a sexual fantasy that's known to only them. Everyone has a sexual craving they wish to experiment on. However, they may be held back because they don't know how their spouses or partners will react. For example, lovers of anal sex may be hesitant or unwilling to broach the subject with their partners for fear of their reaction. Getting a sex doll is an excellent avenue for you to fulfill these hidden desires. With a sex doll, you don't have to be scared of their reaction to your 'forbidden desires'.

They're fashioned or modeled to look as human as possible (down to their private part). Hence, the experience will be similar to experimenting with your sexual fantasies on a real woman. For some, their sexual fantasies are even simpler; having sex with a woman of a certain race or appearance. There are dark-skinned, pale-skinned, and medium-skinned dolls to appeal to your fancy. There are also Asian dolls, European dolls, Black dolls, etc.

Learn New Positions

If you and your partner are having bland sex for a while, it's a sign that you need to add spice or excitement to your sex life. One of the ways to go about this is to experiment with a new sex position or style. Perhaps you've been using missionary for years now, and sex has become like a routine chore as a result of that. While you can learn or experiment with these positions with your partner, you can also use your sex doll for this purpose.

Keeps you Faithful in a Long-Distance Relationship

Fidelity has always been an issue in long-distance relationships. Being very far from your partner can cause you to turn to other people for your sexual needs. Having a sex doll can help you cope whenever you're horny and prevent you from seeking out other people to satisfy your sexual needs.

Let's now look at sex toys and the popular ones on the market.

Common Sex Toys

Sex toys are an alternative source of sexual pleasure. Some of the common ones include:


These sex toys produce a continuous vibration that stimulates the female genitals. A lot of females use vibrators to stimulate their vaginas and clitoris. Contrary to what many people think, males also use vibrators. Men use vibrators to stimulate their nipples, testicles, anus, penises, and scrotums. These sex toys are produced in various sizes and shapes, which appeals to the diversity of its market.

Their usage or application differs as well. For example, some vibrators are strictly designed for external usage, while some can be used in the anus or vagina.

Anal Toys

As the name implies, anal sex toys are specifically meant for anal stimulation. Butt plugs, certain dildos, prostate massagers, anal beads are good examples of these sex toys. To ensure safe usage of these sex toys and prevent anal tears, always ensure you apply lubricant on your anal toy before you use it. Another safety tip is to ensure that any anal toy you buy has a bigger width at the bottom.

This is very important because it will prevent the sex toy from entirely going inside, and it will be easier to pull out. Getting a sex toy completely inside your anus may require medical attention or assistance to get it out.


Dildos are fashioned to resemble the human penis. It can be used inside the anus, vagina, or mouth. They also come in various shapes: straight dildos and curved dildos. Curved dildos are more effective for prostate or g-spot stimulation. There are a lot of materials manufacturers can choose from for the production of dildos. These materials include rubber, metal, silicone, glass, and even plastic.

Why is Sex Doll Better than Sex Toys?

Sex dolls are designed to be ultra-realistic; they look like human beings and are the full package. On the other hand, sex toys are just an object for reaching orgasm. You can't have a conversation with a sex toy, but you can with some sex dolls. So, in the aspect of companionship, sex dolls are better. When it comes to sexual stimulation, sex dolls are still better because it's like you're having sex with a real woman. Sex dolls are capable of moaning.

Sex toys don't even look human. It's like using an emotionless object for sexual pleasure. The only upper hand sex toys have over sex dolls is that they're much more affordable. However, this is relative because sex dolls offer great value for their price.

Final Thoughts

Sex dolls and sex toys are very relevant because they can reduce occurrences of infidelity in relationships and make long-distance relationships easier to cope with. Also, they can be an avenue to achieve sexual pleasure without the fear of pregnancy. If you're a sucker for raw sex, you don't need condoms with a sex doll because they're not designed to conceive.

Sex dolls and sex toys have massive potential. Despite the initial opposition (which is still ongoing in certain countries), they have secured a footing and have a target market. Despite their relatively small market and low affordability, sex dolls remain a relevant fixture in the adult entertainment industry.

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