May 29, 2022 5 min read

Sex is fun, and sex dolls are pleasurable, so sex with them must be a perfect one! Sex dolls are the most common choice for masturbation and hard sex desires. Sizes and shapes range from a full, physically pleasing body with attractive faces to just the torso. In the right hands and with the right technique, sex dolls can help you experience the intense pleasure of a real sexual encounter and speed up the process of reaching a full-blown orgasm.

Sex Positions You May Try

If you want to have more fun with a sex doll, you'll need to learn a few basic sex positions before you get started. With that in mind, here are some tips for positions to make your sex doll experience as sweet and breathtaking as possible, whether you already own one or just purchased your first ever sex doll.

Beneath My Feet

You will love how simple and sexy this is at the same time. Anus or vaginal penetration is possible with this technique. Put your doll in front of you in the proper position. Stand near a flat surface like a bed, table or chair while holding the doll in your arms from behind. Lie on the bed or chair and lean into your doll's body while you stand behind your doll. Your doll must be bent at the waist and in contact with the surface. The doll's skin can be damaged if you use abrasive objects to bend it over.

Scissor missionary

You may want to give the scissor missionary style a try if you've had enough of the typical role. This job offers a unique perspective on everyday tasks. Keep your sex doll on your shoulder while keeping the other leg pointed toward the floor or your bed. You'll have a more intense orgasm as a result of this because it allows you to get in deeper.


Using spooning as a method of penetration is one of the most effective ways to do so. One way or another, you can play this position. Place your doll on its side on your bed or the floor. It's best to bend your doll's arms in front, and you can either bend the legs at a 45-degree angle so that she's balanced, or raise her upper leg. Using this method, you can penetrate your doll from behind while you and she are both lying down. If you don't want the trouble of lugging around a heavy doll, this is a great solution.

Sex Against a Wall

Sex against a wall can be very seductive, and it's easier than you might imagine. For example, you can do this in the bathroom or on a balcony. Your doll should be standing against a wall. To prevent her from tripping and sliding all over the place, it might be simpler to do it in a corner. Place her arms flat against the wall once you've got her where you want her to be. It's easy to get into her vagina or anus if you lift her legs up. If there is a large disparity in height, it may be difficult to accomplish this task.


Orgasms will be guaranteed in this position, which has been used for years. It's as simple as getting down on your knees and placing your doll so she is facing downwards. Balance her by raising her arms slightly above her head. Go to town on the doll's legs by opening them from the back. Be very careful not to stab her in the knees unless you have some sort of protection in place. There is a risk of tearing her skin because of the constant rubbing. To avoid long-term damage to your doll, you must straighten her legs back to their original positions once you are done.


A very sweet and intimate position that allows you to penetrate your doll while still facing her is this one. When you're seated in front of your doll, place her legs around your body while you place your own legs around hers. As you slide her butt forward, keep her legs tucked inside yours to prevent her from slipping out. If you want to build suspense gradually, use this technique.


This is a tried-and-true strategy that never goes out of style. You and your doll will have a lot of fun with this. Place her on a bed or the floor with her feet flat on the ground. Put a 45-degree bend in the doll's legs or place them on your shoulders. This position makes it easy to get into your doll's face or body and perform all sorts of naughty acts on them.


This one is a lot of fun because you can lay down the entire time. Lie on your back on the floor or in bed. Sit on top of your doll in the reverse cowgirl position, or squat with her on top of you. If you want to penetrate her or let your doll ride you, this position is the best option. In order to get the best results, you'll have to put your doll in this position.


Like cutting with scissors, but with a bit more precision. Lift the right or left arm of your doll to the ceiling while she lies on her side. Your doll's pose will determine which arm you raise. Doll's legs should be bent at a 45-degree angle from the hips to the knees. Once you've got your doll in this position, tip her to one side and spread her legs out. You'll be able to effortlessly slip into the position now.

Flower of the Lily

Your doll should be sitting upright at a 90-degree angle with his back straight and her feet flat on the floor. Crossed her legs in front of him. This position is stable and balanced if your doll's hands are placed straight to the sides and back, or you place your doll against a wall. To get into the position, simply slip your legs under the doll's shoulders.


For this exercise, your doll should be standing. To do this, have her sit on a chair and then move forward, bending her knees but keeping her torso upright. It is possible to personalize your doll after it has taken on this form. It's possible to have her lean against a wall or the side of a bed, or to have her bend forward and rest one of his hands. Now is the time for you to put yourself in the right place. Start in the doggy position and lower yourself to your belly if you want to achieve this goal effectively. Your doll will be able to slip inside once you've wrapped your legs around her and its inside.


This is a good position for anal sex and shallow penetration, and some women claim it touches their G-spot. After you've seated your doll on the floor or bed, gently bend her knees and spread his legs wide apart. It's as simple as that! To do this, bend your legs and press your chest against them. Use your hands if you need extra help. 

Final thoughts

All of these positions will leave you gasping for air. Indulge in these positions with your love doll when you're alone at home, or whenever the mood strikes.