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    December 07, 2022 3 min read

    Irontech Robot Doll Features

    Irontech isn't here to play. TPE sex dolls can unlock new levels of sexual pleasure for their doll lovers, and the intercourse will be as close as it gets to having sex with a real woman. In September 2022, Irontech released some high-end options to upgrade TPE dolls to robot dolls. Regarding sophistication, robot dolls are currently at the top of the pecking order.

    At this point, we're certain you want to know what these options are. These options include the electric hip and waist, automated body movement, and vagina automatic clamp & suck. Let's see how they work. 

    Electric Hip and Waist

    Unlike conventional TPE dolls that are manual in nature and have to be moved around by the doll lover, this feature is electric-powered. This feature comes with a power adapter. Once you plug the cord into the inlet close to the ankle of the doll and insert the plug into the extension or wall socket, switch it on. This will enable your doll to move and twist her waist or hips like a real woman. What we're saying, in essence, is that your sex doll can now ride you.

    That's not all. This feature also comes with a wireless remote control which you can use to configure the speed at which your doll moves her waist or hips. Whatever speed you select comes down to how you like it - riding fast or slow. This feature costs $599, but the price is more than fair for the value it offers. Discover a different definition of sexual pleasure with your doll. This feature is ideal for doll lovers who prefer the woman-on-top position and love their women taking charge during sex. 

    Automated Body Movement

    It can be weird to have sex with someone that doesn't move, and we believe the same applies to your beloved love doll. You wouldn't want to be pounding away and be getting no bodily response. Apparently, Irontech considered this and decided to make love dolls more responsive in the bedroom. Once your love dolls are powered up, they can execute body movements back and forth at three varying speeds. Depending on the intensity of the sex, you can adjust the speed of their body movements with the remote control. This option costs $599.

    Auto Sucking Vagina

    Imagine penetrating a vagina, and it clamps on your penis. It's an experience you can't forget. For $99, you can upgrade the vagina of your TPE doll. Once the doll is powered up, you can have exquisite sex with the vagina clamping and sucking every now and then. That's not all. There are extra functions such as vibrating, heating, and moaning. All of which will cost you $237.6.

    There is a USB port on the doll's lower back.

    The Auto Sucking Vagina weighs about 1 lb.

    It's sealed so you don't have to worry about getting liquid/lube inside the doll.

    The cleaning has no difference from a normal vagina. Of course, you have to clean it regularly, especially after you applied lubes.

    Irontech Auto Sucking Vagina USB Port


    Limitations with These Options

    1. The "Electric Hip and Waist" and "Automatic Body Movement" options are only available for 156cm or above, except for 160cm and 166cm.

    2. The Auto Sucking Vagina is only available for dolls that are 150cm above.

    3. Electric Hip and Waist is not compatible with Automatic Body Movement.

    4. You can either select Electric Hip + Auto Sucking Vagina or Automatic Body Movement + Auto Sucking Vagina.