Introduction of the Best Sex Doll Stand

October 28, 2022 2 min read

Sex Doll Stand

In the quest for humans to explore the depths of sexual pleasure, numerous romance/sex-themed inventions have come to the fore. The most notable among them are the sex dolls. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, these love dolls are created to look natural, not just in their appearance but in their functions as well.

However, these sex dolls are not designed to walk or move on their own. For this reason, you may need to purchase a sex doll stand to solve this issue. This is ideal for doll lovers who prefer to store their sex dolls in a standing position. Like other inventions, they gradually become more popular, and it's only a matter of time before the market is saturated with them.

There's one standout among the numerous sex doll stands on the market. We're talking about the Irontech Sex Doll Stand 2.0.

Sex Doll Stand

Irontech Sex Doll Stand 2.0

This is arguably the best sex doll stand on the market. This sex doll stand is made up of the following:

  • Telescopic pole
  • Brake handle
  • Lift handle
  • Base
  • Caster

Sex Doll Stand Features

  • Sturdy build
  • Metallic material
  • An extendable telescopic pole (can be adjusted from its default length of 130 cm to 230 cm)
  • Equipped with four casters for easy mobility
  • Easy to store when not in use

The Irontech sex doll stand 2.0 looks sleek, but it's quite sturdy, with a net weight of 9 kg. The doll stand's package comes in 130 x 20 x 20 cm. The sturdiness of this doll stand is a prime feature because it can support loads much heavier than its actual weight. Interestingly, this doll stand can support a maximum weight of 80 kg - more than double the average size of a sex doll. In other words, the Irontech sex doll stand 2.0 can easily support the weight of 2 sex dolls and still have a capacity for a few kilograms.

Sex Doll Stand

Why You Need a Sex Doll Stand?

There are some reasons why doll lovers purchase doll stands. They include:

To Display your Doll

Some doll lovers prefer to be very discreet with their love dolls, even themselves. They only bring out their sex dolls when they're horny or in need of companionship. Then others aren't so subtle. They like having their sex dolls within easy view when they walk into their rooms.

To Change their Clothes Easily

Sex dolls are big babies, and they're not designed to clothe themselves or change their clothing. Doll lovers who prefer having clothes on their love dolls will need a doll stand to make this easier. With your sex dolls in a standing position, it's easier to wear blouses, panties, shorts, and other articles of clothing on their bodies.

Makes them Easier to Store

Doll lovers without doll stands will have to put their sex dolls back in their package or heave them under their beds. On the flip side, doll lovers with sex doll stands can store their love dolls more conveniently. While they're supported vertically with the aid of a doll stand, one can easily create space in a wardrobe for them or place them in a specially designed-closet.

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