Introducing the Best Sex Dolls in 2023

February 11, 2023 4 min read

Introducing the Best Sex Dolls in 2023

Zelex Dolls


Wonder Doll is extremely proud of the vast portfolio of sex dolls it has in its collection. Each doll is as irresistible as the other. Clearly, doll lovers have a tough time choosing from among the large number of equally high quality and robust sex dolls that are available on Wonder Doll.

Therefore, we thought of making the endeavor easier for you. Below, we have shared what we reckon are the best sex dolls of 2023. You will be especially happy and proud to have any of them in your doll collection.


#1 Dominique – H Cup

One of our most popular dolls, Dominique is curvy at just the right places. Doll lovers adore her ample bosom while also admiring her height and girth. Dominique enjoys dressing up in a hoodie jacket, while wearing practically nothing below; for most doll lovers, that is such a turn on! Her piercing eyes and dark black hair only add to her charm and overall appeal.


#2 Amy – E Cup

Amy is another of the extremely popular sex dolls on Wonder Doll. In her case, doll lovers especially like her short, cropped hair. Moreover, she has a look of innocence on her face which arouses many doll lovers. Further, her luscious lips make her intensely kissable. She prefers wearing a black dress that often slips from the top, revealing her irresistible, perky breasts.


#3 Ruby – E Cup

Ruby is a voluptuous doll lusted by many doll lovers. She has beautiful, sun-kissed chocolaty skin that doll lovers admire. She is also adored for her beautiful, long-flowing, brown hair that always has a shine to it. As far as her body goes, she is immensely curvy, further adding to the reasons for which she is so voraciously lusted after. Ruby believes in dressing up minimally, and she’s happy to take that off too, if you can take her from the rear!


#4 Akisha – E Cup

Akisha is adored for her beautiful golden locks as well as her deep blue eyes. She has a gaze that leaves many doll lovers completely star struck! Akisha is amply blessed with large bosoms that feel delightful to fondle and suckle on. Akisha will love you more if you “warm her up” nicely with kisses everywhere, before going all guns blazing with penetration and more.


#5 Ursula – H Cup

Ursula has a unique, royal look to her, unlike any other doll. In many ways, that is reminiscent of her name. She has extraordinarily large breasts that you simply cannot have enough of! Also, remember Ursula is quite curvy; she’s not the doll for you if you are looking for one who is slim and lightweight. Ursula’s charm lies in her unbelievable appetite for sex; she simply cannot have enough of it!


#6 Alondra – G Cup

In every way reminiscent of a hippie, Alondra will take you back to the good old days of the 60s and 70s when people were wild and wicked, with free and uninhibited sex being the norm. Alondra is blessed with beautiful, brunette hair which she adorns with a headband. Below, she’s often got nothing much other than a few beads around her neck and a short, skimpy pair of white shorts. Finally, with just the right shape and size of perky, firm breasts, Alondra is another doll in Wonder Doll’s collection that you will rue missing.


#7 Beth – G Cup

Beth is a special doll, blessed with long hair that she keeps in a silvery-purplish twinge. She has irresistible, firm breasts you will go bonkers fondling and suckling on! Beth enjoys being topless most of the time. Below, she wears a pair of denim that she will be happy to take off for you; make sure to take good care of her though!


#8 Elsa – E Cup

Fantasies come alive with Elsa, as she is clearly a fantasy character, straight out of a movie! Her costume and get up is completely reflective of that. This includes her pointy ears, long silver hair, intense blue eyes, as well as a special black costume which is more of a thong! She’s got somewhat small but firm and perky breasts. Elsa enjoys good old missionary and doggy style positions the most!


#9 Flossie – C Cup

Many doll lovers are simply looking for a doll that is most reflective of an everyday, real life lady. Flossie fits the bill perfectly on this front. She’s blessed with beautiful, brunette hair. She’s also got medium-sized, firm breasts and a bronzed skin tone that is completely riveting. Flossie enjoys dressing up in a short skirt that she pairs with a short top. Of course, she will take it all off for you in a flash!



So, there you go with our best dolls of 2023…of course, it will be very tough for you to choose just one out of them. In that case, you are free to go berserk and pick all the dolls you love the most! 😊

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