How to Have an Exciting Holiday with Your Sex Doll in 2022?

March 31, 2022 5 min read

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Sex dolls have been a source of sexual pleasure for many men and will continue to remain so. However, the benefits of a sex doll go beyond premium sex experience. Sex dolls also make good companions, which means you can enjoy your holiday with them. Don't look shocked; a sex doll has benefits beyond its capacity for sex.

Initially, the creation of sex dolls and their release into the market was scorned, but they gradually warmed their way into the hearts of consumers. This evolution also applies to their benefits. Sex dolls are no longer pleasure tools. They can also become a companion. Many doll owners even own dolls for companionship just as much as sex.

What better way to give your companion a treat than an exciting holiday? You can read through some tips to know how to spend the perfect holiday with your 'companion'.

Have an Indoor Date

If you enjoy an indoor date with a human companion or lover, you can also enjoy an indoor date with your sex doll. This is even a better holiday idea if you're a reserved or private person. Though we aren't saying an indoor date is preferable to an outdoor date with your doll (far from it), spending time indoors has its perks. So how can I enjoy my holiday with my doll indoors?

Firstly, by seeing a movie. Movies have always been relevant as a date or holiday idea. Though there are numerous movie genres to choose from, the idea of a date makes the romance genre better suited for this. So spend some quality time with your companion on the couch. If you aren't the movie type, you can spend your time indoors dancing with your doll. Sounds unconventional, but a date shouldn't be defined by the norms.

Secondly, you can get your sex doll to model clothes. This is an exciting way to spend your holiday with your doll. It's a fact that sex dolls are blessed with a figure that many humans die to have. So why not appreciate the figure of your doll by adorning it with trendy wear? It's going to be worth your while.

Thirdly, take some snapshots. Inevitably, getting your doll to model clothes will likely result in taking some cute pictures.

You can also spend quality time indoors with your doll by donning your apron and cooking your favorite dish. This is the perfect indoor date idea if cooking is one of your hobbies. Of course, your sex doll wasn't designed to help out with kitchen duties, but having a gorgeous companion stare at you while you whip up a meal is hard to pass up.

You can also spend your day on the lawn with some gardening work. Similar to cooking, your doll can't help out, but her company is enough to brighten up your day/date.

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Spice Things in the Bedroom

Just as having sex the same way with a human lover can become tiring and monotonous, it also applies to sex with your sex doll. There's no better time to bring novelty to the bedroom than during your holiday with your doll. There are a couple of ways you can spice up your bedroom experience with your sex doll:

Firstly, try new positions. Don't be limited by what you know already; learn and practice more. There are more than 100 sex styles or positions to try out. If you've been at it with the missionary position, why not switch it to something less conventional? A new sex position introduces novelty to your bedroom experience. If you've been having vaginal sex with your doll, you can switch things to anal, oral sex, or even a combination of all three.

You can change locations as well. Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need to spice up sex with your doll. Of course, the bedroom isn't the only spot you can have sex in. You can get creative with your home space. There's the kitchen, dining room, living room, storeroom, etc. Don't limit yourself.

Try talking dirty to your doll while at it too. Don't hold off on this because it's a doll, not a human lover. Talking nasty can enhance your arousal and make the sex more amazing. If you haven't done it before, there's no need to rehearse lines because they won't be natural. The right lines will come to you in the heat of the moment.

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Plan an Outing

This will probably get you wondering how you can hang out with a synthetic companion where you'll get lots of stares. There are ways to go about an outing with your doll. You can start by scoping out the locality with your doll. Then, you can drive around the vicinity and note locations where you and your doll can have some quality bonding time without interruptions.

You can consider going to the cinema, but first, ensure that the doll won't be barred from entry. If you can't see a cinema that permits sex dolls to enter, you can opt for a park. The main thing is to get a good or convenient spot with your doll outdoors.

You can also be more romantic and check out nice restaurants where you can have a date with your sex doll. You can use your home if you're not comfortable with this idea or you're very private about your doll and want to shield her from prying eyes. It will have the perfect ambiance and be an ideal date destination with the right setup. While at this, you pick out great clothes for you and your doll to wear for the date.


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Remember To Do Proper Cleaning Up After Your Holiday

As the holiday is drawing to an end, you can spend your last days doing some thorough sanitation in your home. Like other physical activities or chores, your doll can't join in, but having them keep you company while you clean up is a great way to spend the last days of your holiday with your sex doll. You will need equipment such as a carpet cleaner or a vacuum cleaner to eliminate pine needles from your Christmas tree on your cushion or carpet.

Also, properly put the excess food in the kitchen that you can't eat so that it doesn't get rotten and give off a bad odor. You can put them in plastic containers and put them in your freezer.

Final Thoughts

Shopping is another great way to spend your holiday with your doll. Whether you want to shop online or go to a physical store is up to you. You go with whatever feels best. While at it, don't leave your sex doll out of the shopping activity because you're not just buying for yourself. You can shop for various items from clothing accessories and clothes to electronic gadgets. Using the holiday to get your doll new wears is a great way to spend it. There are tons of lingerie, g-strings, and other erotic wear that will look great on them.

If you've been wondering exactly how to spend your holiday with your doll, we hope you've derived some ideas.

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