How To Easily Repair A Damaged Doll At Home?

November 27, 2021 5 min read

Sex dolls had humble beginnings. But things took off after a while as the blow-up versions that were not particularly good-looking got replaced by hyper-realistic sex dolls. 

The materials used to make a sex doll play a huge role in why sex dolls look so realistic. The top-notch quality sex dolls are made either of silicone or TPE. Of all materials, these two almost perfectly emulate the texture and the feel of human skin.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen, and the material gets damaged. Therefore, fixing the damaged area right away is of utmost importance. 

Here is a mini-guide about how to fix a damaged PTE or a Silicone sex doll on your own, fast, easy, and from the comfort of your home.


TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls

Before you even consider fixing your sex doll, it is essential to learn what material it is made from. Even though both materials can emulate natural human skin convincingly, they can't be treated the same. 

TPE, a synthetic resin, can be molded, and the process is fat. However, it can easily be melt or warp when faced with high temperatures or continuous stress. TPE develops into plastic when heated and hardens after the temperature drops. Silicone is synthetic resins as well. But unlike TPE, silicone permanently hardens after heating. 

Based on the properties described above, we can plan out how to repair the sex doll. 


How to repair a TPE sex doll?

Nowadays, the internet is full of advice and tips on how to fix your TPE sex doll. Some of them are good, while others don't make any sense. To make it easier for you, we've included the two most common and most effective methods to fix a TPE sex doll. 


How to repair a TPE sex doll using TPE glue?

First, you need to find the exact location of the damaged portion. Then, you need to remove any excess oil or dirt from the spot before treating it. For that, simply apply water or Stain Remover and gently remove them.

Then, you need to open the wound. But before you do that, make sure that your hands are protected. Surgeon's gloves are affordable and are widely available. 

With the help of a spatula, apply the TPE repair solvent on the inner walls of the wound. Make sure that you add solvent to both sides evenly. Once that is done, add some solvent on top of the wound. While you are doing all that, you need to be careful not to drop some excess glue hanging on the tip of your spatula. 

Then have the two sides joined together and hold them like that for a while. 

Find a clean piece of cloth or a tissue to clean any excess solvent that got squeezed from the bound. The trick here is to avoid using your fingers because they can leave prints on the repairing area. 

Before leaving the sex doll to rest for the next 24 hours, check if there is no tension on the re-joined wound. After 24 hours, your sex doll will be as good as new and ready for even more fun.


How to repair a TPE sex doll using a heat gun?

The typical 1.5 Kilowatt heat is more than enough to do the job. Most of today's heat guns come with a temperature sensor so that you know at all times the temperature you are applying. 

To begin, clean the wound with either vaseline or baby oil. This has two purposes. One is that you will have a clean surface area. The second thing, the heat will get evenly distributed over the wound. That way, you don't end up burning up the sex doll skin. 

When using the heat gun, please make sure that you do not focus it too near the sex doll because that may lead to severe burns. Keeping about a four-inch distance from the area you are trying to heal is ideal. 

Before you start, it is best if you can find a piece of TPE material and test your skills. That's how you get familiar with the procedure and get more confidence before you dive into fixing the real thing. 

With that said, know that the melting temperature is approximately 110 degrees celsius. Once you start, increase the temperature until you see a glaze finish. Then, use a piece of cloth to feather out the damaged area. Gently and slowly try to fix the damaged area. You will notice that the heated area cools down quite fast, so you might need to do several heat-and-cool iterations.

After repeated heating and cooling, you may need to reapply some oil on your sex doll. By doing so, you increase your chances of ending up with a smooth finish. When done, it is advisable to add some powder to make the finish even better. By doing so, the texture will easily blend and make the repair practically invisible.


How to repair a Silicon sex doll?

Same as with the TPE sex dolls, you begin by cleaning up the wound. First, you need to remove any hairs, dust, or anything like that. To that end, you can use some warm water and some soap. After you are done with the cleaning, let the doll dry upon itself. 

Before you start working, you also need to make sure that you have everything you need at hand. Protective gloves and a clean surface are a must. 

Typically, a small amount of glue is all you need, unless it is a massive tear. A small pot is just enough to prepare the silicone adhesive. It is essential to have the right amount of glue as too much can cause more harm than good. Please train your skills first on some other piece of silicone. 

When coating the surface area, add glue evenly on both surfaces. The surface is the essential part that needs to be carefully coated. After you are done with the coating, you need to let it all dry up. After 90 minutes or so, the silicone adhesive will be completely dry and the mending will be complete, as well. 


Products That Can Help You Repair Your Sex Doll

Now that you've figured out how to repair a damaged sex doll, here are three products that can help you in the process.

Silicone Love Doll Repair Glue - Sinodol

It is a popular product with an excellent reputation among sex dolls owners. The instructions for using Sinodol are identical to the instructions explained above regarding how to repair a silicone sex doll.

WM TPE Repair Solvent

This solvent is very popular because it melts the TPE surface and makes the two sides join together once closed. It is one of the best products on the market for repairing a TPE-based sex doll.

TPE Stain Remover

If you are a long-time sex doll owner, you probably know how much nuance stains can be. The TPE Stain Remover is not for repairing sex dolls, but as the name suggests, for removing stains. The application process is pretty straightforward. Simply apply it to the stain using a cotton ball and wait for three to five hours. If it is a dark stain, then you might need to repeat the process more than once.