How To Dress Up Your Sex Doll And Make Her Look Fashionable? (2023 Updated)

July 08, 2022 5 min read

How To Dress Up Your Sex Doll And Make Her Look Fashionable? (2023 Updated)

It won't be far-fetched to say that you may prefer your doll in the nude; who wouldn't? However, dressing up your doll will significantly boost its incredible sex appeal. It's a fact that a life-like sex doll has designed to be pleasing to the eyes, equipped with the right things in the perfect spots. But even Greek goddesses should put on a dress for a fashionable look. So it's not just about dressing up your doll; it's about selecting the right dress and clothing accessories that will enhance its irresistibility.

As you read on, you'll know some reliable and proven dress-up tips to give your doll your preferred look. 


Appearance Options

Sex doll appearance options range include eye color, eye shape, breasts, hair, nails, etc. These go a long way in determining the kind of dress you should get for your doll. The skin tone, hair color, and eye color will determine the color of clothes to buy. The breasts size will also determine the size of t-shirts or dresses to get her. The bigger the breasts, the bigger the shirt. 

You can get nail paints to give her nails a fresh, new look. You can even fix longer nails on her if you prefer that look. For the hair, there are some dress-up options. You can decide to give your doll an entirely different hairstyle to give her a different look. You can also change her hair color or get her a wig. Depending on the look you prefer, you can go for wig options such as beachy waves, faux side bangs, sleek ballet buns, mini braids, ponytails, etc.


Clothing Accessories

Jewelry is a vital clothing accessory because it enhances our overall look. The same applies to your sex dolls. You can browse online jewelry stores for beautiful earrings, chokers, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, etc. that you can adorn your doll's body. Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank to get lovely jewelry for your doll. Many pocket-friendly jewelry options will still make your doll look like a goddess.

Go for the kinds of jewelry you love to see on your woman. For instance, you can opt for an anklet, a necklace, and an earring. There's no need to overdo it. Even a single piece of jewelry will do the trick of accentuating her entire look. Don't limit yourself to jewelry; you can also opt for chic eyeglasses or a nice-looking watch. You can get creative with your doll's appearance. Some doll owners even go as far as having their dolls pierced and tattooed.

For the footwear, a pair of great-looking high heels or stilettos will be a look changer. However, using scents or perfume on your doll may not be a great idea, but first, check to ensure they're safe for your doll's skin if you must use them. Of course, not everything safe for humans is safe for dolls. After all, our bodies are not made of TPE and silicone. Also, avoid the direct application of perfumes and scents on your doll's skin to avoid an adverse reaction.


Sex Doll Clothing

If you prefer shopping online, consider stores such as eBay. However, if you're on a low budget, you can scope out more affordable alternatives on local buy and sell groups on social media or lookout for discount/out of season sales. You can still dress up your doll without spending a dime. How? By using your clothes of course. You can select from your shorts and t-shirts to dress up your dolls. But if you want to go strictly for women's wear, ensure that you first soak these clothes and wash them properly before you use them to dress up your sex doll.

Buying used clothes from local groups on social media is a great way to save some bucks because the clothes sold there are incredibly cheap. However, if you want to dress up your doll with lace underwear, a bikini, or another form of erotic wear, we advise you buy new ones instead of used ones. They will look way better.


So what are the best clothing ideas for my sex doll?

1.   Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is arguably the favorite wear you'll love to see on your doll. There are a variety of sexy lingerie options to make your pick from. If you have a thing for light-colored lingerie, you can easily purchase them online with complementing thongs or g-strings. Your doll's incredibly hot figure coupled with sexy lingerie will make her look like a supermodel. 

Buying your sex doll a pair of chic lingerie is one of the best clothing decisions you'll make. Surely, you'll prefer lingerie on your doll compared to regular unisex wear such as shirts, sweatshirts, or t-shirts. 

2.   Bodycon

Aside from being an easy fit for your super hot sex doll, it's also relatively easy to wear. You can complement a bodycon with light-colored panties. It's the perfect bedroom attire. 

3.   Skirt and Shirt

You can use this dress combination to achieve a 'corporate lady' or 'schoolgirl' look. If you have a thing for either of these looks, you can opt for this dress combination option. Get a multi-colored plaid skirt or checkered skirt, a plain shirt, and a complementing hairband for a schoolgirl look. You can add stockings to the mix if you want a typical schoolgirl look, but leave out underwear.

For the 'corporate lady' look, opt for a plain skirt and pair it with a long-sleeve button-down shirt. You can get creative with this dress combination to achieve varying looks, as long as you get what you want. 

4.   Lacy Dress

High-quality lacy wear will add to the seductive appeal of your sex doll. You can pair this with a pleated skirt for an amazing look. The lacy patterns on the torso will help you highlight the bust region of your doll and make it look more attractive. You can easily purchase lacy wear on eBay and Etsy. We recommend light-colored lacy wear because they are less likely to stain your doll. 

Dark lacy wear is more likely to stain your dolls. However, if you must go for this look, ensure you conduct a soak test on this cloth before wearing them on your doll. This involves soaking the clothes in water to see if they will bring out the color. 


Clothing for Male Sex Dolls

For male sex dolls, you can opt for a dress short paired with formal pants to achieve a corporate look. This is recommended wear if you're into office roleplay. If you're not a fan of a formal look, there are many casual wear options. Denim jeans always do the trick, and it goes with virtually any kind of top (be it a button-down shirt, a t-shirt, or a sweatshirt). You can get creative and wear just the jeans while leaving the abs on display.


Final Thoughts

Some people, including certain doll owners, wonder if there's any point in dressing up a doll. They aren't human, and they are meant for just sex. Well, it's not a must to wear clothes on your sex doll, but just as you look good in clothes, so do these synthetic objects. Besides, a sex doll isn't just designed for sex alone; they also make great companions. So having clothes on your sex doll makes it look more human in 2023.

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