January 22, 2023 3 min read


At Wonder Doll, we are pleased to note that our family of doll lovers typically takes very good care of its dolls. After all, for them these are not inanimate objects; rather, they are their intimate companions. Therefore, it only makes sense that they take the fullest care of their dolls.

That said, many newbie doll lovers are unsure about the reasons for which they should be taking good care of their sex dolls. They live with the assumption that these dolls will take care of themselves on their own. While this may be true to some extent, especially given the robust quality of their construction, suitable effort made towards their appropriate care certainly goes a long way.

Accordingly, below we highlight reasons for which you should take good care of your sex doll.


Repugnant Smell

Since childhood, we have been taught the importance of taking a bath and generally keeping ourselves clean. Otherwise, there is every chance of bacterial accumulation that can lead to all kinds of illnesses. Even if things don't go that far, we are bound to smell awful if we do not bathe regularly.

The same is true in case of sex dolls as well. Lack of cleanliness and hygiene is bound to leave them with a distasteful odor. When that happens, there is every chance that you would not want to go anywhere near your doll, leave alone have sex with it. That is certainly not why you bought your doll in the first place!

Therefore, among the recommended precautionary measures, keeping your doll clean by giving it a good wash (doesn't have to be rough or intense) is highly recommended. This, in turn, will go a long way in ensuring its durability.


Mold Accumulation

Closely related to the above possibility of foul smell emanating from your doll is the accumulation of mold on it. Again, this usually happens when you don't take care of your doll, especially when it comes to keeping it clean.
Mold can also accumulate on your doll when you store it in a damp or humid place, where it remains for a considerable period of time without being used or moved around. Similarly, if you keep your doll amidst dirty clothes, you again risk the accumulation of mold on it.
Mold accumulation on sex dolls can have an especially detrimental impact on them. Firstly, like in the previous instance, they can give off an awful smell. But, beyond that, when you allow mold to accumulate over a prolonged period, it can end up damaging your doll beyond repair.
Therefore, it is in your own interest that you keep your doll free from mold. You can easily do so by keeping it clean, especially after you use it each time. It should also be stored in a manner that keeps it away from mold.


Loose Joints

Like us humans, dolls too get old over time. A characteristic feature of older individuals is joint problems, which tend to get loose and weak as time passes. Things are no different in case of sex dolls.
Here, while the passage of time does play a part, it is also about the manner in which dolls are handled. The rougher and more intense you are during your lovemaking sessions, greater the risks you face of causing joint problems in your doll.
The solution here is to be relatively gentle with your doll. At the same time, ensure that you store your doll properly; often, improper storage also leads to loose and weak joints.
No, we are not saying that you become a Sissy with your doll! 😉 Rather, it is simply about taking that extra precautionary step which will certainly go a long way in preserving your doll’s joints.


Rough Skin

Once again related to the passage of time as well as inadequate care taken of your doll is the possibility of its skin turning rough. Just as we humans experience rough skin that breaks out when we don't take care of it, the same thing happens with sex dolls too.
Thankfully, there are several suitable lotions and creams available that when applied regularly, ensure flawless skin on sex dolls. On your part, you simply have to ensure that you purchase these creams and lotions; and once you do so, apply them on your doll from time to time.



Taking good care of your sex doll is no rocket science. As we have outlined above, it does not take a lot of effort or time to do so.
The foremost thing to remember is that taking good care of your sex doll is in your own interest. When you fail to do so, your doll will in turn fail to serve you the way you expect it to.