April 06, 2022 5 min read

According to psychologists, openness and honesty in communication are essential for the growth and strength of any relationship. Loving and caring for someone comes with confiding in them about your fantasies, ambitions, fears, and even sexual preferences. Being open about what you like sexually is key to having a great sex life with your partner.

When the sex gets monotonous and predictable, being open and honest about it can be vital to reigniting that lost spark. Perhaps you are nursing the idea of a threesome, and a sex doll is perfect to open up your partner to that idea. Alternatively, a sex doll can be the third party you want to introduce into your bedroom moments with your partner. This begs the question, 'how do I go about it?'

Find An Appropriate Time to Bring it Up

This is a sensitive topic to broach with your partner, so you have to be sensible about the time to bring the subject up. For instance, if you suspect your partner is ill, in a foul mood, or you two just fought, it will be inappropriate to bring the subject of a sex doll. Introducing this topic into your conversations at the wrong time can cause your partner to misinterpret your message or intentions.

Just picture a scenario where you and your lover just fought, and you bring up the subject of a sex doll. They will view it as your move to replace them or think that they are not enough for you in the bedroom. Feelings of inadequacy can trigger further conflicts. So time sensitivity is very important.

You know your partner and should be able to tell when they are in a good mood. Gradually introduce the topic when you notice that the atmosphere is calm and devoid of tension. Also, be light-hearted about it and make it sound like fun. A great way to bring this topic up is by asking them if they have any hidden sexual fantasies that they want to try out.

You can even begin by asking them what they think about sex dolls and whether they find them weird or not. If they find them weird, ask them why. When you hear or understand their view on sex dolls, it gives you the perfect angle of approach for the conversation.

Let your partner know that you want to add more spice to your sexual experience with them, not edge them out of the picture. When you bring this topic up, give them time to process it and expect questions. Don't be defensive when they question your intentions. Instead, answer their questions honestly and tell them the benefits of introducing a sex doll into their relationship.

It's essential to note that this isn't a discussion you bring up in the early days of your relationship. Trust has to be built first, then you can discuss your fantasies.

Inject Humour into the Conversation

As we said earlier, please don't be too serious about it. Instead, bring it up lightheartedly so that your partner will feel at ease. You can make them more at ease by being funny about it. Laughter has a way of making people loosen up, even during serious conversations. When you add humor into the discussion, there's a greater chance that your partner will loosen up and agree to it.

You can jokingly tell your partner that you want to try something crazy with them, then bring the issue of a sex doll and gauge their reaction. If you bring up the subject as a joke and receive it well, it can indicate that they may be open to the idea, which can encourage you to probe further. However, if this isn't the case, know when to back out.

Be A Great Partner

One of the best ways to build trust and love in a relationship is being a great partner. One of the ways to go about this is to spend quality time with your partner. Give them your presence and attention. Let them know how much you love them and care about them. Let them know you care about their happiness.

Another way to be a great partner is by being great at listening. Listening goes beyond hearing them speak, and it extends to seeing it from their perspective and understanding what they say. Listen to their words, body language, and even what they are not saying. Your partner isn't asking you to be their therapist; just be their confidant.

Talk about your sexual needs and desires with your partner so that they get to know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong in the bedroom. At this juncture, you can chip in the subject of a sex doll and how it can spice up your sex life. Bring it in from the angle of trying out something new and adding excitement. After all, that's what great partners do. They think of new ways to spice up the relationship.

When you're a great partner, your partner will feel more at ease or comfortable when you bring up the subject of a sex doll. This is because you've proven to them repeatedly that you love them and want the best of them. So naturally, they will perceive the introduction of a sex doll into the relationship is for good intentions. As a result, they won't feel threatened.

On the other hand, if you're a shitty partner, the subject of a sex doll is the worst conversation topic you can bring up. They will feel sexually inadequate and threatened by the thought of a foreign presence in the bedroom, even if it is a synthetic figure.

Don't Overthink It

Don't think about it too much. Otherwise, you'll never bring it up. Overthinking is one of the quickest ways to discourage yourself from doing something. Many people tend to overthink things because they are wondering about all the things that can go wrong with their decision. So, don't get caught up in your head; just wait for the right moment and poach the subject.

Make the Idea of a Threesome Appealing

Your partner may be nursing the idea of having a threesome but can be hesitant to poach the subject with you. Yet, having a threesome is one of the most common sexual fantasies. So you may find out that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. To successfully introduce your sex doll, make the introduction of a third party into the bedroom more appealing and highlight the benefits to enjoy while discussing this topic with your partner.

Final Thoughts

One final thing is to expect rejection. Some people are not just wired to deviate from a traditional sex setting. So, if your partner rejects the idea, you can discuss the possibility of using your sex doll alone. Your partner may not be cool with it, but then there are times you have to put your needs first. After all, a good relationship should be able to accommodate compromises. You guys can reach a compromise where you can use your sex doll in their absence.