October 14, 2022 2 min read

The MOZU doll brand comes with a new addition to the fold: the Elden Ring Melina Sex Doll. This brand focuses on anime sex dolls. Apparently, this sex doll has been modeled after the game character of the Elden Ring Melina. Interestingly, this sex doll is their closest creation to a game character. Let's look at a brief background about Elden Ring Melina.


Melina is a prominent character in the Elden Ring. She's a child of Queen Marika. Her heritage confers her with the status of a demigod. This makes her similar to the shardbearers that the Tarnished must kill to ascend to the title of an Elden Lord. Melina is unaware of her purpose, which makes her befriend one of the Tarnished. Melina has two siblings - Miquella and Malenia, but she's different from them. She's Empyrean - which means that Melina can attain the status of a god if she has matrimonial ties to a consort. Interestingly, the latter role is one that the Tarnished can attain.

But that's not even the climax of it. It is even more interesting that Melina can rival or even replace her mother, Queen Marika, as the god of the Lands Between. Unfortunately, Melina burnt herself as a sacrifice to get rid of the thorns around the mysterious Erdtree. Her death created a vacuum - no heir to replace Queen Marika - which can only be done by one of Empyrean status.


Elden Ring Melina as a Sex Doll

Sex dolls have become more interesting and appealing since the adoption of certain game characters to give identities to sex dolls became a thing. Elden Ring Melina sex doll has smooth pale skin, a bust size of 78.5 cm, and measures 163 cm in height. Her sex appeal is second to none, and her ultra-realistic appearance will make doll lovers wonder if they're looking at a live version of Melina. This sex doll was created with TPE, a material that makes her skin almost identical to human skin when touched. You'll barely know the difference.

Despite the softness of her skin, the high quality of Melina's physical constitution makes her solid and durable enough. With proper care for Melina, she can be your companion and lover for a long time. Plus, she's a 100% loyal partner, so you don't have to worry about infidelity. The most interesting feature of Melina is her eyes - with one closed and the other open. This adds mystique to her appearance. Her large breasts on that slim, curvy body will ripen any man's fantasies.

Finally, the real icing on the cake - the Elden Ring Melina Sex Doll comes with numerous customizable options - vagina, eyes, nose, hair, hair color, feet, etc.