Effective Ways Fot You To Carry Your Sex Dolls Around (2023 Updated)

June 18, 2022 4 min read

Effective Ways Fot You To Carry Your Sex Dolls Around (2023 Updated)

Initially, sex dolls were just plastics figures that could be inflated. However, with the advancement of technology and improvement in the production of sex dolls, they have become ultra-realistic. Now, sex dolls look almost identical to real humans, similar enough that you may mistake them for humans if you don't look closely enough. 

Manufacturers of sex dolls are making them increasingly life-like, making a lot of them as heavy as a real human. This can become an issue if you have no idea how to carry them properly. As you read on, you'll become acquainted with ways to move your doll around without causing bodily damage to them or yourself. 

So how do I carry my sex doll around?

A Potato Sack

This carrying technique involves lifting your sex doll by the waist, placing her on your shoulder, and carrying her like a potato sack. To execute the potato sack carrying technique, place your sex doll in a slight position at the waist to carry her stomach on your shoulder. While carrying your sex doll with the potato sack technique, be mindful of corners, and tight turns to prevent busting your doll's head against a doorway or wall.

Fireman's Carry

A Fireman's carry can also be called a fireman's lift. It's a popular carriage technique. It enables you to lift someone without aid; all you have to do is place your sex doll across your shoulders. Fireman's carry became popular because firefighters commonly adopted it to get unconscious or wounded people out of the danger zone. Lifeguards and soldiers also adopted this technique to carry victims to safety.

Fireman's carry comes with certain perks that make it a recommended carrying option for your sex doll.  

Firstly, this technique keeps your sex doll's torso slightly level, which is crucial in preventing injuries or bodily damage to your doll. In addition, this carrying technique evenly spreads the weight of your doll across your shoulders and makes it easy for you to carry it across a distance of 15 meters. Secondly, the fireman carries a recommended carrying technique if you intend to carry your sex doll for a considerable period. Because this technique spreads the weight, making it easier for you to carry it for longer.

On Shoulder

This simple carrying technique involves placing your doll on a single shoulder. It differs from a fireman's carry because it consists of the use of one shoulder, while a fireman's carry involves both shoulders. This technique is recommended for short durations to prevent your shoulder from getting sore quickly. This is because the entire weight of your sex doll will be concentrated on that shoulder.

On Arm

This technique involves the use of both arms to carry your sex doll. It's identical to the way newlywed husbands lift their wives. So you can lift your doll the same way. 

Alcoholics Aid

Just the way you take your buddy home after getting whipped up with drinks at the club or a party, you can use that same technique for your doll. You can execute this technique by wrapping her arm around your shoulder, picking her up by the waist, lifting her slightly, and taking her home or to another destination.

Baby Koala

This carrying technique involves carrying your sex doll like a baby. Place the arms of your doll on shoulder level, and ensure it's straight. Then lift the doll's legs in a way that it will parallel to her arms on your shoulder, with the knees bent. Next, carry your doll the way you'll carry a toddler or child. Cradle her bosom against your chest and ensure her arms are wrapped around your neck and shoulder.

Piggy Back

This carrying technique involves carrying your doll on your back, wrapping her arms around your shoulders, and wrapping her legs on your waist. 

Kiddy Waltz

This technique is an unconventional way to carry your sex doll around. It involves placing her on your feet while securing her waist and waltzing her through the door. 

Using a Wheelchair or Chair with Rollers

This is the simplest and laziest technique to carry your sex doll. Unlike other techniques, it doesn't involve your physical strength. Instead, you need a big office chair with several wheels or rollers or a wheelchair. This is arguably the best way to carry or move your sex doll around. While it involves little physical effort from you, it also greatly minimizes the chances of having a sprain, backache, or injury in carrying these heavy dolls. Aside from you, this technique will protect your doll from any form of bodily damage.

Final Thoughts

While you're executing any of these carrying techniques, be careful to avoid just holding one limb or using one limb to lift your doll to prevent damage to it. Certain carrying techniques such as 'on-shoulder' and 'on-arm' involve more physical effort than others. It will help if you opt for the method that suits you best. Using a technique that requires more strength than you have may damage yourself and your doll. Dolls are heavier than a lot of people think of.

They come in different weight categories; lightweight (at least 5kg), medium weight (at least 15 kg), and heavyweight (a minimum of 25 kg). In addition, certain techniques are better suited for short doll owners than their tall counterparts and vice versa.

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