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Presently, many people have sex dolls in their homes. Sex dolls have been a source of the spice or excitement lacking in their daily lives. It has been especially helpful to people in long-distance relationships. Perhaps what we regard as the greatest benefit or major selling point of sex dolls is that their usage will keep you protected from contracting STIs such as Gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDS, etc.

Sex dolls cost a chunk of cash, so you have to take their maintenance seriously. One good way to ensure your sex dolls last as long as it's expected is by properly storing them.


Problems Associated with Unreliable Storage of Sex Dolls

In a bid to maintain their sex dolls, many people have installed the wrong kind of storage for them. Installing unreliable storage for sex dolls comes with many issues or disadvantages. Most times, the extent or degree of the issue is based on the kind of storage method you adopt. The most common problems associated with wrongly storing sex dolls include:

Bodily Damages to your Sex Doll

When you carelessly handle your sex doll, it's only a matter of time before it gets damaged. For instance, many sex doll owners usually store their sex dolls under their beds, without proper covering. This can expose them to bodily damage. In addition, mites can feed on the skin of your sex doll when it's not properly covered. Aside from mites, other living organisms such as molds can build up across the surface of your sex toy.

To prevent this problem, ensure that the storage option you're adopting is protected from exposure to damage-causing agents such as water, pests, and chemicals. A damaged sex doll won't last as long as a properly stored and well-maintained sex doll.

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Violation of Privacy

Sex is personal, making your sex dolls your private property by default. This means that no other person aside from you should have access to your sex dolls. Of course, people are different, so naturally, our views on sex dolls will differ. A lot of people frown on the ownership of a sex doll. To avoid the possibility of being stigmatized, ensure you install proper storage that would not only fit your doll but keep it secluded from others. Not even your closest pals and buddies should see your sex doll. It's that personal!

Messy Room

Storing your sex doll like any other regular item in your house will make your room look crap. That's what happens when you let the presence of your sex doll interfere with the organization or appearance of your room. Instead, go for a storage option that won't interfere with the organization of your room. It's also important to be familiar with the shape and size of your sex doll before ordering storage for it.

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Tips for Storing your Sex Dolls

To properly store your doll, there are certain things to consider, such as how to position the limbs of your sex doll.

Limbs Positioning

To be safe, don't store your sex doll in any other position that's even slightly different from the position it was in when it was delivered to you. This means the limbs and entire form of your sex doll should be positioned in a neutral state. You can store it horizontally or vertically, but ensure the feet and hands' original position are not altered.

The Difference Between Storing it on Standing Feet and Lying Down

If you want to store your sex doll vertically, you'll utilize storage options such as a closet or Stand-Up Feet (at the corner of your room). If you want to store it horizontally, you can store it lying down under the bed, in a shipping crate, storage case, etc.

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Store it in Your Closet

A closet is arguably the best storage option for your life-size sex doll. It can easily accommodate your sex doll regardless of its weight or size. It's also incredibly affordable because closet owners don't need to look for another storage option for their sex dolls unless their closet is full. In addition, your closet has wall mounts, which are good for hanging your sex doll because they prevent the buildup of excess pressure on its back and joints.

Closet hooks are very affordable, and you can get one at doll stores for a price below $20. There are certain precautions for proper storage in a closet:

• Ensure the doll's feet are on the ground or a soft cushion. Ensure it doesn't hang without support so that the pressure will be evenly distributed.

• Move it into the closet and hang it very gently.

• Avoid dropping your used clothes on it.

• Lock your closet to protect your privacy.

• Cover your doll with a blanket or an alternative covering.

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Store it Under your Bed

Under your bed is one of the favorite hiding places or storage options for your sex doll. If you have a big bed, you can utilize the space underneath for this purpose. This way, your sex doll is close to you and easily accessible. This method is also convenient because you don't have to carry it to a particular section of the house for storage. However, storing your doll under the bed can make it prone to damage.

So the following precautions should be strictly adhered to:

• Remove every sharp object from under your bed.

• Put soft cushions or padding on your doll's back. Avoid placing it on the bare floor like that.

• Fully cover your doll with a protective covering to prevent dust, germs, and other living organisms from damaging it.

• Check on it regularly.

Storing It in a Shipping Crate

You can also use the shipping crate used to deliver your sex doll to store it. This is the ideal temporary solution when there's no available storage option.

There are some precautions to mind when storing your sex doll in a shipping crate:

• Shipping crates aren't equipped with padding or cushions for your doll, so one should use them only for a short duration.

• Use a very soft covering to wrap your doll before placing it in the crate.

• Ensure that the doll is in its original position.

• Check to make sure that the crate is not torn in any corner.

• Keep the crate on a dry floor.

• Be very gentle but firm when you want to remove it from your shipping crate.

Storing it on a Chair

You can also use a chair to store your sex doll by placing it in a sitting position. The things to mind for this storage option:
• Be mindful of the chair's fabric. A dyed or dirty chair fabric can stain your sex doll and make it appear discolored.
• To be safe, cover your doll with the blanket that came along with it in the shipping crate.



Doll owners with a disability or back injury shouldn't hide or store their dolls in a location far from easy reach. They can either place their dolls on their bed or under their bed. They should only store their dolls when they are going out on a trip or don't plan to use the doll for a couple of days. Some sex dolls are pretty weighty, and moving them around can be a hassle.