Discover the 5 Best Tall WM TPE Dolls!

January 17, 2024 4 min read

Discover the 5 Best Tall WM TPE Dolls!

Tall WM TPE dolls stand out as top contenders. These exquisite creations boast impeccable craftsmanship, realistic features, and durable materials. From stunning facial details to meticulously designed bodies, these dolls redefine the art of companionship.

In this roundup, we delve into the finest tall WM TPE dolls on the market today. Each doll offers a unique blend of sophistication and allure, catering to diverse preferences with their individual charm. Get ready to explore our top picks that set new standards in realism and quality.

Discover the 5 Best Tall WM TPE Dolls!


Etta 173cm H-Cup

If you're looking for a tall TPE sex doll that exudes allure and realism, then Etta 173cm H-Cup is an exceptional choice. Standing at 173cm with an H-cup bust size, she embodies seductiveness and lifelikeness.

Weighing 99 lbs, Etta boasts realistic measurements of 39.5-23-43 inches, providing an authentic experience for those seeking a genuine connection with their doll.

Etta comes with several free extras that enhance the overall experience. These include gel breasts for added realism, an EVO skeleton allowing for flexibility and poseability, enhanced mouth feature adding to her lifelike appearance, standing feet enabling her to stand independently, as well as articulated hands for increased versatility in posing and positioning.

The attention to detail in crafting this TPE sex doll ensures that every aspect contributes to a truly immersive encounter. From her meticulously sculpted form to the additional features provided, Etta delivers on both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Whether it's the striking height or the carefully designed features such as the enhanced mouth or articulated hands - each element serves to elevate the interaction with this sex doll into something remarkably captivating.


Shay 173cm H-Cup

Shay is an impressive WM TPE doll standing tall at 173cm with a striking H-cup bust. Her curvaceous figure, measuring 39.5-23-43 inches and weighing 99 lbs, embodies a lifelike human-like appearance.

This stunning doll offers an extraordinary height advantage, making her stand out among other options in the market. The combination of her generous proportions and stature provides a unique experience for those seeking a taller companion.

Priced at $1,739.00 USD, Shay not only offers exceptional value but also comes with various free customization options to tailor her to your preferences. This ensures that each customer can personalize their doll according to their desires.


Kenia 174cm G-Cup

Kenia is a striking WM TPE doll, standing tall at 174cm and boasting a remarkable G-cup bust size. What sets Kenia apart is her combination of height and voluptuous figure while weighing only 92 lbs. Her measurements, coming in at 34-26-39 inches, make her an alluring choice for those seeking a lifelike companion.

The attention to detail in crafting Kenia ensures that she provides a truly immersive experience. From her realistic appearance to the carefully designed joints that allow for natural movement and positioning, every aspect has been meticulously considered to offer users an authentic interaction.

Kenia's appeal lies not only in her physical attributes but also in the level of customization available. Users have the option to personalize various aspects such as hair color, eye color, skin tone, and more – allowing them to create a doll that suits their preferences perfectly.


Lana 172cm B-Cup

Lana is a stunning WM TPE doll standing tall at 172cm, featuring a natural-looking B-cup bust size. Crafted from top-quality TPE, Lana offers an incredibly realistic feel and exceptional durability. The lifelike skin texture of the doll meets the desires of users seeking authenticity in their dolls.

The little color variation in the material ensures that Lana maintains her beauty over time, retaining her original allure despite extended use. Priced at a discounted rate of $1,679.00 USD and accompanied by free discreet worldwide shipping, Lana provides excellent value for those looking to invest in a high-quality TPE doll.


Joey 172cm B-Cup

Joey, the striking WM TPE doll, stands at 172cm and boasts a B-cup bust size. Despite her height, she weighs merely 83 lbs, showcasing a slender physique with measurements of 31.1-22.8-33.9 inches.

This doll is the epitome of elegance and allure, offering a petite yet captivating presence that appeals to those seeking a more delicate stature in their dolls.

As a tall WM doll, Joey ensures top-notch quality and authenticity. Customers can benefit from free discreet worldwide shipping when purchasing this stunning doll.

With her petite frame and alluring features, Joey provides an enchanting option for those desiring a taller WM TPE doll with modest proportions.


Buyer's Guide

When choosing the best tall WM TPE doll, there are essential factors to consider. Firstly, it is crucial to purchase from authorized dealers to ensure authenticity and quality. Authorized dealers offer a guarantee of genuine products and reliable customer service, providing peace of mind for buyers.

Moreover, the buyer's guide emphasizes the importance of high-quality materials. Opting for a doll made from premium TPE material ensures durability and a realistic feel. Customizable options such as different head or body styles allow you to personalize your doll according to your preferences.

Furthermore, various brands offer free extras with their dolls, including clothing sets, cleaning kits, or storage containers. These additional items can enhance the overall value of your purchase and provide convenience for maintenance.



Now that we've delved into the realm of tall WM TPE dolls, it's time for us to take the next step. Whether it's adding one of these stunning dolls to our collection or sharing our insights with fellow enthusiasts, let's continue this adventure together. Our journey doesn't end here – it's an ongoing exploration fueled by curiosity and a passion for discovering the extraordinary.

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