November 01, 2022 3 min read

We thought we'd seen it all when it comes to what sex doll manufacturers can do, but yet again, we've been surprised. The launch of the Zelex Doll inspiration series has brought yet another level of sophistication and ultra-realism to sex dolls. These silicone beauties are a welcome upgrade to what doll lovers are used to, and the body details are to die for.

Precisely two months ago, Zelex hit the market with this new series, and you should know what premium options have been added and are responsible for the upgrade in these dolls.


Exclusive Options for The Zelex Inspiration Series

Ultra-Realistic Body Painting

These love dolls offer near the perfection conventional body details and makeup. The new inspiration series takes it a step further by using a new technique of the color sealing process to enhance the depth and durability of the sex doll's makeup. Now, it's very difficult to tell the difference between a sex doll from the inspiration series and an actual woman. We're talking about 3D body painting here - a nice upgrade, indeed. This feature is only available for X165cm, 170cm, and 175cm silicone bodies.

Zelex Doll Inspiration Series


Extra Soft Booty

This is another free upgrade and the ideal pick for booty lovers. This upgrade is modeled to be identical to the human butt, not just in its appearance alone but in its feel as well. The booty is so soft that you can literally massage or knead it. It's also an extra perk if you're into sex positions that accentuate the butt, such as doggy, collapse doggy, spooning, etc. Just watching the booty bounce in response to your movements while you're at it makes the sex incredible. This feature is only available for 165cm, 170cm, and 175cm silicone bodies.

Zelex Doll Inspiration Series


Extra Soft Breasts

Like the other upgrades on the list, it's also exclusive to the Inspiration series. However, there's a limitation that comes with this upgrade. This upgrade is not suitable for sex dolls with an H Cup size (the largest bust size). The reasons are that if this upgrade is done on the H Cup bust size, the breasts will become too heavy and may not be as durable as they should be.

Still, it isn't really disheartening because when you consider that sizes such as E Cup, D Cup, and C Cup (which are also very sizable) can be upgraded to extra soft boobs, then there's really nothing to sulk about. Even lovers of small breasts such as B Cup, A Cup, and AA cup can enjoy this feature as well. A general drawback of this feature is that the extra soft breasts aren't compatible with body heating.

This feature is only available for X165cm, 170cm, and 175cm silicone bodies.


Movable Jaw

Unlike other sex dolls, the Inspiration Series dolls have jaws that can move. This brings them one step closer to being actual humans. However, this upgrade is only applicable to certain head numbers:

  • GE94
  • GE95
  • GE45
  • GE53
  • GE07

Virtually no other sex doll has the sophisticated oral structure that these new series are offering to doll lovers. This feature makes oral sex better and makes your doll look livelier as a companion.

Zelex Doll Inspiration Series



If this isn't the best place to upgrade your sex doll, we don't know what else can be. The Inspiration Series comes with 5 replaceable labias. You can select an option considering your preferences.

This feature is only available for 170cm and 175cm silicone bodies.

Zelex Doll Inspiration Series

Video of Movable Jaw

Video of Hyper Realistic + Extreme Durable Body Painting