Adding this will make your WM Doll more like a Human

February 27, 2023 4 min read

Adding this will make your WM Doll more like a Human


Today, there is a virtual onslaught of features being added to sex dolls. The objective is to make these dolls as realistic and close to human beings as possible. That said, few would ever have imagined that your dog would actually be able to breathe just like a living being. Surprised?

Well, read on as we share a dramatic new feature being introduced in WM Dolls which will bring them that much closer to being like a human.


Why this feature?

Before we dive deep into the details of this feature, it would be useful to understand the rationale behind it. Essentially, the one distinctive characteristic defining all living beings is their ability to breathe. Whether it is humans or animals, we have to breathe to survive.

When this feature is missing in sex dolls, it takes away the realistic touch. Imagine having a gorgeous, irresistible doll by your side at all times – which, although looks very realistic, does not breathe. That on its own is quite a bummer.

Alongside, bear in mind that doll manufacturers continually seek out feedback from their customers. A common input they received regularly was the fact that their dolls did not breathe and therefore, were not as realistic as they would like them to be.

Although a formidable challenge to create and incorporate into these dolls, WM Dolls overcame all obstacles along the way to ultimately come up with a unique breathing mechanism that could be built into sex dolls.

The result, as they say, is history!


Heightened Arousal

As doll lovers started receiving dolls with the breathing mechanism built into them, the joy in these folks simply knew no bounds! Among the several inputs that were received, a prominent one was the heightened sense of arousal experienced by many doll lovers.

As you might recall, today's sex dolls have a wide array of features built into them to make the experience as close to reality as possible. One instance is the heating option; by raising the body temperature, a closer sense of reality is perceived by doll lovers. Similarly, you have dolls that can speak, often emanating moaning sounds akin to a real human.

Now, when features like these could be built into sex dolls, it was only a matter of time before doll makers would rally around the breathing mechanism also being enabled. Today, with this feature also present, the sense of reality has been taken to a whole new level.


Choosing between features

Doll lovers must note that not all customizable features can be added on to a single doll. Often, it is a case of choosing between features that are available; one often comes at the cost of the other.

This has a lot to do with the fact that internal space within a sex doll is limited. Incorporating the breathing mechanism involves an entire apparatus that goes into it. With the space that is taken, there is no leeway for other features to be included simultaneously.

Ones that we will specially highlight include the heating option as well as EVO skeleton; in practically all cases, you will have to opt for only one of these features.


Breathing mechanism details

As we indicated, the breathing mechanism in sex dolls essentially comprises of an entire breathing apparatus that is placed inside these dolls. Typically, it goes into the chest cavity of sex dolls.

It is battery operated, powering the doll to breathe. There is also a switch that you can use to turn on or turn off the mechanism. After all, you may not want to have your doll breathing at all times (to the extent that the battery gets drained very quickly).

That said, you can be reassured that with prudent usage, the batteries in this breathing mechanism are devised to let your doll breathe for a prolonged period.

Moreover, the entire mechanism is structurally very solid. As long as you handle it carefully and take good care of it, it is quite likely to last as long as your doll.



One precaution you should keep in mind is to not shower with your doll while the breathing mechanism is still inside it. Remember that this apparatus is best preserved when it is kept clean and dry, without moisture creeping in. Otherwise, if that happens, it is likely to malfunction.

Other than that, it is really about gentle handling and timely replacement of batteries when the need arises. You should also remember to remove the batteries and keep the apparatus aside if you foresee yourself not using it over a prolonged period.



Clearly, doll manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that doll lovers get exactly what they want. Based on customer feedback (as well as the attempt to go one up on another, among doll makers), continual attempts are being made to add striking features in sex dolls.

This breathing mechanism is a revolutionary step in that direction.

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