October 17, 2022 3 min read


The charm of full-size, life-like dolls is unmistakable. This is especially true when you have tall, big-made dolls. While doll lovers have wide-ranging preferences, there are many who eagerly seek out tall and well-built dolls.
Accordingly, below we share 7 of the finest tall sex dolls to get in 2022. We are sure you will love having them in your doll collection.

#1 Elizabeth – C Cup

Your quintessential blonde doll, Elizabeth possesses an irresistible hourglass figure. Standing tall at 5 ft 7 in / 169 cm, Elizabeth is one hot doll you would regret not having in your collection. She oozes sensuality from every angle. Moreover, her sexual appetite is practically insatiable! Dressed minimally in a jacket and panties, she’ll be happy to take those off for you in a flash!

#2 Sue – B Cup

While a tall figure turns on so many doll lovers, they also have specific tastes, particularly for long flowing blackish brown hair and hazel eyes. Sue fits the bill perfectly on this front. Standing tall at 5 ft 8 in / 172 cm, Sue is every bit the genuinely well-built doll you may have fantasized about all along. Sue loves being complimented about her good looks and charm. Once you do that, there is no looking back on all the fun that you can have with her!

#3 Riley – D Cup

One look at hot blonde Riley and you are sure to be left drooling completely! Nice and tall at 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm, Riley personifies poise and grace. Doll lovers especially appreciate the elegance with which she dresses up in her favorite black color. Of course, turn her on and she will strip down completely in no time!

#4 Willis – D Cup

Yet another hot, tall blonde in the Wonder Doll collection, Willis also stands at 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm. Her favorite, go-to attire is a short, crop white-colored Nike top that she pairs with a leopard print skirt. Of course, like our other dolls, Willis is always eager to take it all off and get stark naked for your pleasure! Willis enjoys the WOT sex position the most so make sure to get naughty with her that way!

#5 Etta – H Cup

Being an H Cup, the most alluring part of gorgeous blonde Etta is of course her huge breasts that are way more than just a handful! Besides her captivating bosom, it is her piercing gaze that leaves most onlookers completely besotted. Standing at 5 ft 8 in / 173 cm, Etta is clearly blessed with an excellent height. Etta is very fond of stylish silver jewelry; don’t forget to pamper her with some, for best results in bed! 😉

#6 Claudine – C Cup

Blessed with ravishing, natural black hair, Claudine is your everyday wonder doll that sure packs a punch once in bed with you. That is the reason, with her especially, we always stress upon not judging by appearances; her outwardly look of innocence is a façade that hides ravenous sexual desires. Blessed with a 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm tall height, Claudine enjoys the regular missionary position, but from the edge of the bed.

#7 Clarrie – D Cup

Playful and fun-loving, even the slightest of gazes at 5 ft 8 in / 172 cm Clarrie will compel you to bring her home as soon as possible. Clarrie is every bit the young, nubile, and effervescent college girl you have harbored dreams of owning, for eons. With this ultra-special offering from Wonder Doll, it is time to give wings to your dreams. Clarrie enjoys frolicking around in the open, even when it is cold outside – after all, she knows you will keep her warm once she gets back in! 😉

Bonus mentions

Besides the 7 tall sex dolls to get in 2022 that we have listed above, there are two others that clearly deserve a special mention.

First, there is Ethel – H Cup. Besides being fairly tall at 5 ft 6 in / 173 cm, Ethel is clearly blessed with huge bosoms that would keep you preoccupied for hours on end. While she radiates innocence on her face, Ethel is clearly a playful girl who loves to get naughty whenever there is the opportunity!

Next, there is Dandan – D Cup. At 5 ft 7 in / 171 cm, Dandan is clearly quite tall, especially for an East Asian doll. For most doll lovers, her breasts are just the ideal size. Again, like some of the other dolls, while she may look demure, Dandan is wild in bed!