October 09, 2022 3 min read


Not all doll lovers expect huge, full-sized dolls. On the contrary, many are quite happy with petite and small-made dolls that can easily be cuddled and made love with.

Wonder Doll knows this all too well and that is why offers an exotic collection of sex dolls that are shorter than 5 feet. These dolls are especially convenient to store and also to have fun with, without any fuss at all. Given their small size, they are also easy to carry around, so much so that you can get wild and wicked with them, anytime and anywhere!

#1 Belle – A Cup

Her petite 4 ft 11 in / 148 cm stature notwithstanding, Belle sure packs a punch. Her long, flowing hair and short negligee invariably turn on our doll lovers to the hilt. At a glance, Belle has a demure look of charm that is tough to resist. But don't let her outwardly innocence deceive you; once in bed, she will let you do whatever you want, letting you fulfil even the wildest of fantasies you may be beholding within.

#2 Elisabeth – D Cup

At 4 ft 11 in / 148 cm, Elisabeth is exactly the same height as Belle. What sets her apart though are her unbelievably luscious lips on a chiseled face that is typical of young, East Asian girls who prefer keeping their hair short and vividly colored in various shades of white. Elisabeth is a huge fan of lacy, black-colored dresses that reveal more than they hide. Dress her up in one, and you will both be knocking around in your birthday suits in no time at all!

#3 Alice – D Cup

Another petite sex doll who also stands at 4 ft 11 in / 148 cm, Alice is the personification of grace and poise. Despite her tiny stature, Alice is wonderfully blessed with handful, D Cup sized breasts that are a sheer delight to fondle and suck on. Doll lovers especially like the fact that Alice enjoys being naked all the time, without the slightest bit of hesitation. Also, while Alice gleefully enjoys a variety of sex positions, she is fond of missionary at the edge of the bed the most!

#4 HuiXi – D Cup

One more small-statured doll who stands at only 4 ft 11 in / 148 cm (the same as the other dolls showcased above), HuiXi is your quintessential miniscule Chinese doll that so many of us have come to adore. She’s blessed with beautiful, long, and flowing brunette hair with piercing eyes that are sure to melt your heart. Moreover, just like the previous doll, Alice, HuiXi also has ravishing, large, round, yet firm breasts you simply cannot have enough of.

#5 Heaven – D Cup

True to her name, Heaven comes across as nothing short of a gateway to heaven! Again, the same height as all our previous dolls – 4 ft 11 in / 148 cm, Heaven is effervescent and bubbly by nature. As much as she enjoys a good conversation with her doll lovers, Heaven simply cannot wait to get naughty with them! Yes, she’s unflinchingly loyal; once you have her, no one else will ever catch her attention.

#6 Abigail – C Cup

In what has been an unrelenting stream of East Asian sex dolls, 4 ft 11 in / 148 cm Abigail is a refreshing change with her clearly Western world look and charm, complete with blonde hair and supple, soft skin. Abigail has firm, medium-sized breasts that you would love playing with. She keeps things simple, being naked at most times so that you can quickly get naughty with her, whenever you wish.

#7 Adair – E Cup

If ever you fancied an irresistible East Asian doll with an uncanny resemblance to Harry Potter – including the quintessential glasses, Adair fits the bill to the proverbial “t”. Slightly tinier than our other small dolls at 4 ft 10 in / 148 cm, Adair sure sets the pulse racing of all our tiny doll lovers. Despite her slight stature, Adair is clearly blessed with ample breasts. You would also be happy to know that among her numerous sexual inclinations, Adair enjoys giving blowjobs the most!


Like the sex dolls themselves, doll lovers too come with a wide range of preferences. Among them, there is a vast group that enjoys small made, petite dolls. Wonder Doll has ensured that the desires and preferences of these doll lovers are met well. So, which one of these 7 sex dolls that are shorter than 5 feet caught your attention the most – that you simply can’t wait to order?