December 01, 2022 3 min read

Sex dolls are a unique invention for mankind. Who would have thought of this some years back? Now, men can have these beauties that won't only be their companions in the home but an exquisite source of pleasure as well and an avenue to explore their darkest and wildest fantasies. However, one significant drawback of these hotties is their high cost. Thankfully, it's no longer an issue because there are sex dolls on a budget that appeal to doll lovers.

So after careful research and review, we've been able to assemble the seven best sex dolls below $1000. Keep reading to get yourself acquainted with them.

Gabbie - C Cup

Meet Gabbie, a delicate-looking and petite beauty. She's very short, with a height of just 148 cm, but Gabbie compensates for that with a nice bust size of 75 cm. Gabbie has a vaginal depth of 18 cm, an anal depth of 16 cm, and an oral depth of 13 cm. Apparently, her orifices are designed to give doll lovers maximum pleasure. Gabby is created to perfection with TPE.

Roxy - C Cup

Roxy is a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty with a face that can easily make you erect. She's lightweight - just 62 pounds. This makes her easy to carry and explore different sex positions in bed with. Roxy is 4 feet, 10 inches tall with a thin waist and her orifices have all the right depths. She's blessed with alabaster skin. Whether she's clothed or naked, Roxy is an absolute stunner. She's definitely among the best sex dolls under $1000.

Joey - C Cup

Joey is a smoking hot brunette. Her full, sensual lips will drive any man to the brink. Her smooth medium skin and pointy nipples make one look forward to every night. Joey has a deceptively delicate physique because she's flexible enough to drive you crazy in bed. And her stare - that's just downright seduction.

Henly - E Cup

She's the ideal partner if you're into busty sex dolls. What makes her appeal even more satisfying is her innocent-looking beauty and perfect fair skin. Henly is blessed with a bust size of 80 cm, which is accentuated by her delicious-looking nipples. Her bow-shaped pink lips can give you wild thoughts for days.

Ruby - E Cup

Say hi to Ruby, the ash-blonde bombshell. Ruby's medium skin, bust size, and pretty face makes her the perfect candidate for your bedroom escapades. Ruby's skin is very soft to the touch. Add her dark eyes and full red lips to the mix, and you have a companion you can't get enough of.

Amy - Cup

Amy is arguably the prettiest sex doll on this list. What makes her beauty even more mesmerizing is her ample bust size. She's a dark-eyed brunette with full red lips. Her short hair accentuates her face and light skin. This is an excellent pick for the best sex dolls under $1000.

Adair - E Cup

Are you into sex dolls with fine-boned square faces, dark eyes, short blonde hair, and full red lips? If yes, Adair is your type. Her soft breasts measure 80 cm, which makes it quite a handful. Her innocent but lustful look is the icing on the cake.